Pushblock Guard Cancel is still a thing


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
I hope this is the right place to put this, because this seems like unintended behavior from the game. I remember old patch notes saying that pushblock guard cancel was removed a while ago.

I can still get PBGC sometimes, though. Not always. It seems to be very specific and fickle. I can't really upload video or screenshots right now, but I can explain some of what's going on. I can PBGC against this Oleander blockstring pretty reliably:

s. :A:, s. :A:, s. :B:, s. :C:, :2::3::6::C:

Block the first hit and hold forward. Absolute guard keeps you blocking for the whole string. Pushblock the s. :B: and hold forward, and the blockstun carries over and absolute guard will force you to block the fireball, even though your pushblock animation ended before the fireball hit you. But if you pushblock just as either of the jabs hit and hold forward, you should get hit by the s. :C:, and the fireball combos afterwards.

It's not just PBGC into get hit that works either. Getting something like PBGC into EX Teleport is still possible, but it's way tighter than it used to be. PBGC into backdash and escape the blockstring is specific and tight, but possible. In this string, s. :C: whiffs and the fireball doesn't come out. PBGC into super might not work because the alpha counter input, or I might be bad at it. PBGC into a backwards quarter circle might also not work (e.g. Arizona counter), or I might be bad at it.
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