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The Does (plural of Doe, a deer, a female deer) and don'ts of the of the Global foerum rules don't specify anything about puns. So puns are harmless right? Ibex to differ.

Deer members,

So as not to annoy other readers on porpoise please unload all puns here. Whatever floats your goat.
So no need to be sheepish as I guarantee all the members will fawn over you.
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Feb 3, 2016
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Listen Dock, I hate to Stifle your enthusiasm but I Hoof got a Haunch the mods are gonna think this thread is Croup. Ergot, it's probably for the Crest if you Loin your lesson and put it out to Pastern before you and this whole thread Fet-locked. But Flank-ly, Wither or not you say "Neigh" is up to you.

That was painful. I'm going to pretend I didn't just spend half an hour doing that.
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Feb 3, 2016
So the count to 100 i think is already full of more puns than here

Sigmath Bits

Mmmmm, delicious baked crowdfunds.
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Feb 3, 2016
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I herd something about a pungulate Foerum? Why that sounds fawntastic!
And of chorse I must join, ewe bet I ram! (Alternate: ewe bet I lamb!)
On wether or not this is a goat idea, I cattle [can't tell]. But I think we'll bovine.

Now it would only be fur if I posted one of my terrible and longmand convoluted puns ;)
There was a Pegasus in charge of the cloud positions in Manehatten. In Manehattan they had an odd cloud organizational system.
Manehatten was set up into 4 zones–A, B, C, and D–and the sky above those zones was referred to as the "airy zone."
However, she had just left her post to get a drink from the vending machine–a mini soda–when she received a text message on her Foen.
It was her higher up, "Where did you place cloud 12? Just Texas the place."
So she replied, "Airy zone A." [Arizona]

Bonus pun:

Later on, she gave a little chuckle as she realised her mini soda (liquid), her higher up she texted to [Texas] (solid), and the Airy zone A (gas), were all different states. Cow about that!
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Rich Jammer

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Q: Who's your favorite JoJo Character?
A: @Oreo Speedwagon

Q: When one of the MANE6 devs have a birthday, how do you greet them?
A: Wish them a " @Nappy birthday".

Q: When you want one of the MANE6 devs to leave.
A: You "pray the @Jay away."

Q: When one of the MANE6 skips bail.
A: They are "On the @CamTSB "

Q: When one of the MANE6 is winning the presidential election.
A: They are " @Leedin in the poles".

Q: What do you say when one of the MANE6 succeeds.
A: You say: " @Anukan do it! (I knew you can do it)
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