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Pom may be slightly overtuned.

Discussion in 'Pom' started by __Cryst, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. __Cryst

    __Cryst Suma-Luma Duma-Luma

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    Hello all whom may read this thread,
    I have a few questions and concerns with the lovely character of Pom.:Pom:


    Whenever I run into a decent Pom, I will generally attempt to play the game while being attacked from basically every angle possible, Making any kind of aggressive play difficult or near impossible. When Pom eventually lands a single attack on you (as long as it is a Pom with a few hours in training mode) will be instantaneously combed into oblivion and beyond even the games own anti-dumb-combo system or just the juggle decay system.

    My first question is, if there is going to be a juggle decay system in the first place why allow characters such as Pom to break it and keep on juggling?
    My Second question is, why can Pom attack from so many angles safely and turn it into an almost half heath combo?
    And Finally, not that this is a question but more of a suggestion; when the Juggle Decay bar is at max there should be an option to air tech or just become invincible so not to be continually wrecked.​

    Final note, I know that Pom is a very complex character and that does merit some extra damage and I am fine with that, but I think it is ridiculous that there is no real escape to her on-slot of moves and follow ups.
    Thanks for Reading my thread. -__Cryst (AKA RssD)
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  2. Svierrod

    Svierrod Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Pom doesn't really uniquely break Juggle Decay in a way that other characters don't. Every character can, under the right circumstances, get a pretty hefty juggle going after JD fills up. This is because Juggle Decay is meant to be more of a soft combo limit than a hard one. It ensures that combos end eventually, not at the instant the green bar fills up. It's fine to say you don't like the way that works, but it's more of a system mechanic complaint than one relating to Pom in particular.

    Pom is a puppet character, so by definition, she's going to have some absolutely ludicrous pressure and mix-up options. Getting out of the Pom blender is certainly an uphill battle, but it's theoretically a winnable one. Directed at anybody in general who might be having these problems, here are a couple of things that might help.

    1. Don't Air Tech or Ground Tech

    When you tech, either in the air or on the ground, it completely empties your JD meter. This means if Pom is actually shredding off literally half your health each time she touches you (I'm out of touch with combo damage, I don't know how accurate that is), and you're air teching or ground teching, then after the first hit, you only get one more chance to block whatever she's doing. The only way to do that kind of damage is with huge, post JD combos, so you should have a full JD bar when she eventually drops you (and she HAS to drop you at some point).

    So when Pom goes for a mix-up when your JD is full, you'll be starting on the ground, and basically all of her attacks will pop you right onto the ground again, and it'll be extremely hard for her rack up any meaningful damage. If you refuse to tech, you can force her to either wait for a couple seconds for your JD to drain so she can get another big combo (meaning she just let you go on purpose), or she'll very slowly chip away at your health over many, many knockdowns. This gives you a lot more chances to win the guessing game and get back to the part where you play the actual game again.

    You also have to get up from the knockdown blocking for this to work. If you try to mash buttons getting up, Pom's just going to crush your move before it gets out of startup, and counterhits subtract JD, so you'll eat a lot more damage if you're pressing buttons when you're getting up. Be patient, and wait for your turn.

    2. Pushblock. A lot.

    Pushblocking is basically a pressure release valve, and you're really going to need it to deal with the kinds of things Pom does. If you can block the first hit against Pom, you can pushblock to create space and get back to neutral. Also, if you do a standing pushblock and then switch to holding :1:, or do a crouching pushblock and hold :4:, you'll actually block both High and Low for a little bit, so even if Pom doesn't get pushed out and let you free, you'll cover all of her options for a little bit. This way, you only have to block one mix-up, instead of two, or three, or five, etc.

    Pushblocking can really help with a lot of what Pom does in general. If you block one of her puppy attacks, pushblock to try to keep Pom from putting you under pressure, or save yourself from getting opened up, by blocking both directions. If she's being passive aggressive and poking you a lot with big, high priority attacks and she keeps beating all of your buttons, try pushblocking her. See if you can get her to corner herself so you can take advantage of her lackluster defense and low health. Pushblocking is especially important for dealing with Pom.

    Hopefully that helps. At least a little bit.
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  3. __Cryst

    __Cryst Suma-Luma Duma-Luma

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    Thanks for the advice, still hate Pom but now with a game plan of sitting back and blocking until they mess up and if they don't, well alt + F4 is a cool Anit-combo.
  4. ph00tbag

    ph00tbag Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Another thing to remember about keeping your JD high is that you build meter faster when you get hit with full JD. Eventually, you'll be able to toss out a Cross Canter if she does something unsafe. There's a lot of incentive for players to back off if you slow stand. Not all will, and some have high JD confirms that will make you hate life, but even they typically want to start you off with low JD.

    Pom is, incidentally, one of the characters that struggles the most with red-lined JD. She's kinda mediocre in neutral, so she's less incentivized to back off. She kind of has to keep you in the vortex, gifting you meter and doing low-return combos.