Pom Intermediate 02 crash.


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Jul 31, 2017
Coahuila, México
• Location of Bug: Training mode.

• Description: Selecting Pom and any random opponent, in any stage, and picking the intermediate 02 combo causes a crash. Speed in training mode is set to a default of 50 for some reason, if I set it to 100 and pick I-02 combo the game freezes, and then crashes.
Picking any other combo does not cause a crash, picking any combo and then picking I-02 does not cause a crash, picking combo I-02 without setting the speed to 100 does not cause a crash, picking any other character and selecting I-02 combo does not cause a crash; picking any other character, setting speed to 100, and choosing combo I-02 does not cause a crash.
The first time I ran into this bug I also encountered a graphical bug. I selected Pom, picked a random opponent and chose the training stage. Random oponent was Arizona with the golden palette. When starting the combo trials, Velvet's silhouette appeared with glitched visuals, her voice lines also played when hit. Certain animations, like the launcher, or falling to the ground, caused the sprite to become invisible.
The first time, game didn't crash immediately, so I exited to the main menu to try and replicate the bug. I chose Pom, random opponent and training stage, random opponent was Tian, after repeating the steps the game froze and then crashed. While it was frozen I alt-tabbed to make a bug report and a runtime library message appeared.
Forgot to say that every other crash had normal visuals, graphical bug only occured once.

• Screenshot:
TFH got a DDLC crossover.

This is what I got when I alt-tabbed out of the game.
Sin título.png

• Steps to reproduce:
  1. Select Pom
  2. Select random opponent
  3. Set speed to 100
  4. Select Combo Trials
  5. Pick Pom Intermediate 02.

• Reproduction rate: 100% when I select random opponent and set speed to 100. Graphical bug appears to be a one time occurence.

I may try to expand on this later.


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