Pixel Lobby: Screen Shake effect is based on screen center rather than character position


Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Umm, I think this is a bug/oversight. It's pretty minor, but hey.

• Location of Bug:
Pixel Lobby

• Description:
When two players are fighting in the pixel lobby, there's a mild screen shake effect for nearby players that gets stronger the closer you are to the fight. But the calculation for the intensity seems to be based on the center of the camera instead of the observing player's actual sprite position. Most of the time those are the same place, but on the edges of the map the screen stops scrolling so the positions desync. At the ~15s mark of the attached video you can see that Olly is quite far from the fight but the screen shake is pretty intense.

• Screenshot:
[Attached video]

• Steps to reproduce:
- Load at least 3 players in pixel lobby
- 2 players begin a fight about half a screen width from the map edge
- 3rd player can observe the screen shaking when their camera is centered on the fight, even if their character is not

• Reproduction rate:
Only noticed it once, but reproducible every time I moved my character around the area



Mane6 QA
Feb 2, 2016
Ontario, Canada
Yes, Bug. Oversight, No, unfortunately.

This is something that I noticed when we were toning down the ridiculous amounts of screenshake the BBoVs caused, and as of right now (don't know about the future), there's no real easy way to fix this. It's not horribly jarring, but it definitely is something that you'd notice when looking, so good catch.