Patch Notes - Version 3.1.1

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Patch 3.1.1 contains two new Shanty palettes and a number of character bugfixes in an effort to clean up more loose ends from the 3.0 release before Summer Jam this weekend.

FYI: Mane6 will have a booth at Summer Jam. Even if you aren't attending you'll want to keep eyes on the event stream (we'll drop the link on Twitter later on). We've got something big planned.

Level 3 Supers
Added a potential fix for level 3 supers sometimes leaving opponents at 1 HP when they should KO. Please let us know if you see a level 3 super fail to KO when it should (though keep in mind there will be some situations that look very close but are fully legit!!)
  • Fixed a few cosmetic issues with the backgrounds in various level 3 supers.

  • Fixed a minor cosmetic glitch with the background effect during the end of Arizona's level 3 super.

  • Fixed a few more remaining instances of Velvet being able to airthrow opponents in blockstun from Icicle Missiles.

  • Fixed a rare situation that could cause Magic Chapter Trap to steal absurd amounts of meter when hitting a Paprika during her gift toss.

  • Fixed an issue causing opponents to stutter for a few seconds when activating their level 3 super during the "Counter Success" animation of Pom's level 3 super.
  • Fixed Paprika being able to activate Smother during the "Counter Success" animation of Pom's level 3 super.

  • Fixed more instances of Volcanic Dash altering the inputs for canceling into Men Shao Ti.
  • Fixed Tianhuo being able to gain meter post-KO with Volcanic Crash.
  • Fixed Tianhuo becoming a cow briefly while entering a crouch-turn state between post-KO and victory pose.

  • Shanty has two new palettes: "Captain" and "Graffiti Gyal".
  • Shanty's level 3 super now has a unique KO ending.
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