Patch Notes - Version 2.2.0

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 2.2.0

Exciting news! The Mac port beta is now available! In addition, we've got some small Pixel Lobby fixes, hawk adjustments, and proper notes for an intended but undocumented Velvet change that accidently slipped out under the radar in the last update.

Reminder that this year's Halloween event is currently on until Tues Nov 2nd. Be sure to grab the new accessories and zombie palettes while they're hot!

This patch requires Pixel Lobby hosts to update their servers!

Mac Beta Now Available!
The wait is over! Them's Fightin' Herds now runs natively on macOS!
  • How Do I Get It? Easy! If you own TFH, just install it like normal. No additional purchase or special download is necessary.
  • Is Anything Different? Not really! The Mac version is effectively the same as the other PC versions (minus a few very small platform-specific differences, like how and where files are saved).
  • Crossplay? Yes! All players regardless if they're on Mac, Linux, or Windows can play with each other. Your Pixel Lobby and Story Mode progress is saved to your Steam account.
  • Can I Host A Pixel Lobby Server? Not at this time. Servers can only be hosted on Windows and Linux.
  • Does It Work On Apple Silicon? Though Rosetta, yes! We do not have immediate plans to build native for Apple Silicon, since we don't think it will matter for performance and we have concerns about how it would affect the game's determinism (which is very important for online play).
  • Why Native Ports? Linux and Mac ports were promised as a stretch goal during our crowdfund campaign. Native runs significantly better since there's no need for a compatibility layer (like Wine or Proton) which eats up resources. In addition, the work that went into these ports will make consoles easier to do, should we ever get the opportunity.

NOTE: This initial release is a beta build. It's fully playable and functionally complete, but players may still encounter platform-specific bugs. You can report bugs by emailing or by posting in our Discord. It's the best way to help us discover and fix these unique issues, as there are many different hardware configurations and operating system versions out there that we simply don't have access to. Thanks in advance for your understanding and help!

Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed the unnecessary force field in front of the central tree in Oleander's lobby.
  • Changed both wolf hood accessories (from the new Halloween batch) from face slot items to hat slot items.

The following change was present in version 2.1.6 but was undocumented (we apologize, it was an honest mistake). We've also gone back to those patch notes and edited it in.

  • Metergain from Magic Eruption has been reduced to standard multihit rates. (Previously it was being treated as several individual attacks, giving significant amounts of meter on each use).

Undocumented work-in-progress changes to the hawk's attack properties were present in version 2.1.6. The following changes supersede them.

Developer's Notes
Previously hawks had access to many methods of disabling the player (through knockdowns and staggers) no matter which attack it landed. This quickly became a source of frustration at all levels, which was not the intention, especially for such a common enemy.

We've adjusted the hawk's attack properties more towards a focus on counterhits. Now, all attacks done to the player will be counted as regular forms of hitstun, without the ability to combo (and rack up damage) unless the player is counterhit. This way, players still have to play carefully with their anti-air tools, but will spend less time tumbling around the screen from stray hits while doing so.

  • Added swipes, dust clouds, and other visual effects to various moves to improve polish.
  • Fixed broken/missing counterhit windows on several attacks.
  • Hurtboxes adjusted to allow more meaningful anti-air vulnerability for all attacks.
  • Various animation/movement/timing adjustments to bring this predator more in line with the others.
Horizontal Attack
  • No longer causes tumble.
  • No longer (effectively) travels fullscreen.
  • Damage increased.
  • Hitboxes adjusted to be slightly easier to crouch underneath.
  • Now has a proper recovery period on whiff.
Diving Attack
  • Damage increased.
  • Now only causes groundbounce on counterhit.
  • Now lands on the ground, granting vulnerability window if the attack misses.
Triple Peck Attack
  • Damage increased.
  • No longer causes stagger on normal hit.
  • Now causes stagger only on counterattack.
Claw Grab Attack
  • Now lands on the ground, granting vulnerability window if the attack misses.
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