Patch Notes - Version 2.1.4

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Patch Notes - Version 2.1.4

This update contains a few small bugfixes here and there, just some stuff we're working on in the background while progress on level 3 supers continues!

Pixel Lobby
  • The game now displays a message during the post-match experience screen if it failed to connect to the stats server.
  • Fixed Pixel Lobby passcodes only checking relevant "slots". Example: previously, inputting 86862482 would work if the server passcode was 8686. Now, only the exact passcode will work.

Salt Mines
  • The wave progress bar on the HUD now works as originally intended: the color for the next level expands over the previous level instead of shrinks (this has been incorrect since the launch of Salt Mines 2.0).

Training Mode
  • Fixed a strange issue with dummy recording where pressing select to gain control would instead make a recording if the dummy was in the middle of an air tech.

Combo Training
  • When entering the Save Combo menu, the cursor position now resets to the top of the list, to prevent accidental overwriting of files.
  • In the Save Combo menu, fixed an incorrect hintstripe while hovering over an already saved combo. It now correctly says "Save Trial" instead of "Start Trial".
  • Fixed Shanty's short hops not being listed in combo trial recipes.
  • Fixed a phantom confirm button input showing up on the input history list after starting a recording (even though it wouldn't actually show up in the combo anywhere).

  • Fixed a crash when pausing very early after entering replay playback.
  • Fixed a rare issue with replays failing to enter playback, causing a softlock.

  • Fixed a "phantom" meter gain issue on minimal combat HUD.
  • Fixed the post-match timer showing up in Arcade Mode sometimes.
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