Patch Notes - Version 2.1.2

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 2.1.2

This update addresses a few bugs introduced in the last update and adds some small but important Pixel Lobby quality of life changes we've been meaning to get to for awhile!

Servers hosts will be required to update, and despite there not being any gameplay changes there may be some compatibly issues between replays in this version and last.

Remember that STC Event #3 takes place this Saturday! For details on how to watch or sign up, go here.

Known Issue: "Palette Bug"
  • We're aware that some players are occasionally seeing scrambled character palettes, which look as if one character has copied the colors of the opponent and applied it to their own color zones, which don't match up.
  • We don't know exactly what's causing it yet, but in this update we've added some diagnostics to help us smoke out a solution.
  • These palette errors will now look VERY ugly and obviously broken, but contain coded information for us. Please report these horrifying palettes mixups when you see them! They'll help a lot!

  • Button Config (infight only): Fixed the Button Display Type option not having arrows (to show it can be toggled).
  • Fixed players showing a 4K resolution in Video Options despite not having a 4K display.
  • Fixed a variety of rare crash situations.

New Main Menu Options
  • V-Sync (in Video Options).
    • Leaving V-Sync ON is recommended for all players to prevent screen tearing. Disable only if FPS is capping at 30 or if G-Sync/FreeSync options are available.
    • Previously, we had been advising players experiencing the 30fps cap to enable exclusive fullscreen to fix the problem, but now we encourage players to try disabling V-Sync instead.
  • Controller Deadzone(Gameplay Options). Previously this was locked to 30%.
    • This option allows the player to adjust the amount of force required to input directions using an analog stick. Does not affect menus. Applies to both players, currently.

Controller Select
  • More Controllers.The game now officially recognizes up to 8 controllers plugged in at once. Previously, the game only saw 2.
    • This was causing players using controller emulators like vjoy to not be able to make it past the initial controller select screen. Now, it shouldn't be a problem.
  • The controller select screen has a new look.
    • In this UI revision we had to remove the "controller type" artwork (a casualty of the 1080 update), but we plan to put in proper artwork in a future update.

  • Fixed slow-mo playback causing slow pause menu unpausing.

Training Mode
  • There is now a launch parameter to disable the onscreen recording status icon during dummy recordings: -disable-record-status-symbols.
  • Combo Training: Fixed short hop input displays not adapting to side.

Classic Lobby
  • The Classic Lobby now provides more detailed error messages when connections fail. Previously it would say "version mismatch" for everything no matter what.

Pixel Lobby
  • The names of server mods are now colored yellow on the overworld like they are in Text Chat.
  • Fixed Arizona having a small line through her neck in the Wardrobe preview.
  • Refixed a wall/pot layering issue in Paprika's Lobby.
  • Online Training: The bottom hintstripe has a new look.

  • New Feature: Spam Protection. Sending 3 messages in Text Chat or Quick Chat (emotes) within 3.5 seconds locks a player out from chatting for 6 seconds. Mane6 staff and server mods are exempt from this restriction.
  • Muting players now extends to Text Chat, Quick Chat, and status popups. Previously, it only affected Voice Chat.
  • The Text Chat now displays twice the amount of lines when open.
  • The Text Chat UI now shows a button glyph nearby that conveys how to open it.
  • Fixed not being able to use the mouse to open and scroll through Text Chat (we had broken this in the last update, sorry).
  • Fixed Text Chat not respecting international characters that were previously supported (Hiragana/Katakana and Cyrillic.)
  • Fixed the outer stroke of Text Chat characters layering over other letters.
  • Fixed a strange Text Chat appearance when position is set to "Right".
  • Fixed not being able to Quick Chat during certain phases of matchmaking.

Salt Mines
  • Fixed the wave progress bar not being reset on subsequent entry.
    • Known issue: It is still not displaying the correct colors exactly. It should be showing the color from the next level underneath, but currently it's showing the previous. Should be fixed in a near-future update.
  • Remodeled the Salt Mines exit room in Oleander's lobby, primarily to fix a strange issue causing the player sprite to disappear mysteriously when positioned in certain sections of the room.
  • Fixed doors in the Salt Mines triggering too early.

  • Fixed a color zone error on Arizona's leg (for gradient palettes) during her low gethit animation.

  • Fixed various minor, miscellaneous defects across a few animations.

Paprika:Paprika:*(Edit 7/16/21)
  • Paprika now more accurately and consistently emerges from the center of the basket, regardless of stage or screen position. This should make the opponent's required blocking direction more consistent.

  • Fixed missing underbelly color zone on jC animation.
  • Fixed misaligned leg piece on outro animation.
  • Fixed misplaced color zone on intro transition animation.
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