Patch Notes - Version 2.1.1

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Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Patch Notes - Version 2.1.1

This hotfix is to address some issues that popped up during the release of the 1080 update. We're still working through some larger things.

Notice: this requires a server update.

  • Fixed the level 2 super meter bar being more yellow than intended.
  • Changed the font of the combat HUD timer to be more similar to the original before the 1080-ification.
  • Fixed some localization errors in video options hintstripes.

Story Mode
  • Fixed Story Mode portraits being blurry after the 1080-ification.

Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed a faulty jump point in the Salt Mines exit room of Oleander's lobby.
  • Fixed PS4 glyphs being too large on the overworld HUD.
  • Fixed text chat losing support for non-english input methods and scroll wheel functionality after the 1080-ifcation. The text chat should now behave like it did before 2.1.
  • Fixed Pom and Paprika's identity crisis in the Salt Mines HUD.
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