Patch Notes - Version 2.0.3

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Patch Notes - Version 2.0.3

Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the trees in a certain area of Oleander's lobby when attempting to navigate off the beaten path.
  • Fixed several accessories that had the wrong-colored outlines (for their rareness) in the shop.
  • Fixed missing glyphs in some items' flavor text.

  • Cross Canter now deals less damage. (It was causing way more than intended due to the 2.0 damage changes.)
  • Fixed preblock interacting strangely (jittering) with air movement options.
  • Fixed a Dynamic Music System bug that caused the P2 Shanty intro to play late on Pom's stage.

  • Fixed an instance of opponents falling out of Ice Cyclone prematurely when activating Frostbite.

  • Fixed Cinnamon Roll staying active if Paprika was immediately sent into a hard knockdown (for example, getting hit with the second hit of Belly Flop).

  • Temporarily removed the bury-on-KO property of Fred's charged 2D.
    • This property was intended to be a fun cosmetic effect, but it was popping up in non-KO situations, causing an unintended knockdown state and disrupting regular gameplay. If something like this happens incorrectly even once, it's a serious problem.

      Due to the 2.0 damage calculation changes, attacks like this (that have to check the opponent’s healthbar vs. its own damage output mid-combo) got slightly thrown off, which we went through and fixed individually before the release. It turns out the fix for this particular attack was off by a small margin, so we're removing it until we can ensure the bury state only happens on KOs with 100% accuracy. Sorry about that!

  • Fixed Shanty's P2 intro only playing one line most of the time.
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