Patch Notes - Version 2.0.1 (Including Day 1 Hotfixes)

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The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Day 1 Hotfixes
  • Fixed the Shanty DLC check destroying her in battle shrines.
  • Fixed an issue with an Oleander intro causing players to get locked out of any and all inputs.
  • Fixed a crash when accepting a matchmaking invite from Training Mode.

v2.0.1 Fixes
Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed Rastaman/Rastacap not showing the right item category.
  • Fixed the Rastacap displaying the wrong rareness in icon.
  • Fixed current batch items displaying the wrong rareness in tooltips.
  • Fixed land tiles incorrectly applying water tile properties across several maps (story and lobby).

  • Fixed match result communication not working correctly in Salt Mines. Linux-based servers will need to be updated as well.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the replays menu.

  • Fixed the Anisotropic Filtering option getting stuck on a value on not being able to be changed.
  • Fixed menu display issues when accepting a classic lobby invite from story mode chapter select.
  • Fixed being able to bring up the tutorial input display with the Training Utility button in Story Mode.
  • Fixed the Background Character option defaulting to "2" for some people.
  • Potentially fixed the main menu music playing during some p2p invite fights.

  • Changed the backer credit on Tianhuo's "Violet" palette to BackwardCap, by backer request.
  • Fixed an issue where damage could be inconsistent when punishing attacks.
  • Fixed some inconsistent behavior with the Shanty DLC check when Steam library sharing.
  • Fixed some players not having the correct music for a stage while spectating.
  • Fixed an issue where Arizona Counter would not apply the first hit bonus damage when hitting as a counter-hit.

  • Fixed a mirror match intro problem.
  • Fixed not being able to counterhit the airborne portion of Cannonball recovery.
  • Fixed a Wall Cling problem involving a second Shanty swapping walls at the same time.
  • Fixed Shanty having extra legs at the end of her backdash animation.
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