Patch Notes - Version 1.4.1 (10/13/20)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 1.4.1 (10/13/20)

Hotpatch going out to clean up some remaining training mode stuff, and other small fixes. Read on!

Training Mode
  • The Training Utility button can now be used to retry a combo recording without going into the pause menu.
  • Fixed a number of blank spots for move listings in combo trials.
  • Tian's Fly cancels (level 2) now show up as a step in combo trials.
  • Velvet's Shatter A (whiff) and Shatter C (whiff) now show up as a step in combo trials.
  • Fixed a bug causing hitstun recordings to play after a knockdown/blockstun.
  • Fixed an issue with the buffer window of Hitstun, Blockstun, and Wakeup recording options. (Ask Cam for more details if you're interested).

Pixel Lobby
  • The Minizona and Mini Velvet hats no longer hide horns (apparently people don't like bald Velvet).
  • Fixed an issue where black dots would appear at the top of the screen on the overworld.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would appear stretched on ultrawide displays in the Pixel Lobby and Story Mode.

Classic Lobby
  • Fixed a bug where the pre-match loading screen would not show up for spectators in the Classic Lobby (causing a black screen for several seconds while players loaded in).

  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial where the pause menu would show different options before the intro animation completed.


  • Fixed a bug on Velvet's stage (morning variant) where the god rays would layer over the KO graphic.
  • Fixed a bug where the advanced attack data display (from Training Mode) would sometimes flash onscreen during predator fights.
  • Fixed some instances of the reversal indicator not showing up when it should.
  • Fixed Arizona's nose having red spots on the Effervescent Kicks palette during Magic Dash.
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Cyclone would cause very strange momentum issues.
  • Fixed Velvet missing a patch of floof on the recovery of j.:B:.
  • Fixed Oleander's eyeliner disappearing when she squints during her idle flourish.
  • Fixed some animation color glitches on Paprika's idle flourishes and her "on back, no-tech" wakeup.
  • Fixed a bug where Stampede! would cause very strange momentum issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Pom's far legs would show different colors during her air pushblock animation.
  • Tianhuo's command list now properly says that Volcanic Bash is projectile invulnerable (both air and ground), per the 1.4.0 update.
  • Fixed a graphical error with Tianhuo's combat portrait (there was a little line underneath)
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