Patch Notes - Version 1.2.0 (06/30/20)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 1.2.0 (06/30/20)

Gasp! It's a fresh new update comin' at'cha. First off, we've fixed up a few bugs on the combat side of things. This is the build that will be played in this year's Evo Online, but we will likely do some July hotfixes to fix technical issues in non-combat areas of the game.

In addition, Winners Stays mode has returned to Classic Lobbies. We also have an exciting new feature.. BATTLE SHRINES, which brings Winner Stays play to the Pixel Lobby as well! Details in the patch notes below.

Fullscreen Bugfixes
  • Fixed an issue with fullscreen where the game would not conform to the screen's resolution if Windows display scaling was set above 100%.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is another known bug with borderless fullscreen where in rare circumstances the game will softlock or crash if you change resolutions. We are working on a fix for this.

Main Menu
  • The game now asks you "are you sure" if you use the Exit Game option from the main menu, instead of just closing the game immediately.

"Match Ready" Screen Updates
  • The "match ready" screen (that displays before an online fight) now shows the same info whether through matchmaking or a Pixel Lobby quick match. Previously, the Pixel Lobby version of this screen showed less info.
  • The "match ready" screen now displays the amount of time your opponent has played.
  • On the "match ready" screen, it's now clearer that your opponent's "rank" refers to their casual XP rank.

Pixel Lobby
New Feature: Battle Shrines
Two Battle Shrines have been constructed in each Pixel Lobby biome for coordinated combat!
  • Battle Shrines use "Winner Stays" rules and fighters rotate after 1 match. We will look into expanding available rulesets in the future.
  • Shrines support a maximum of 7 players (2 fighters and 5 queued). A queued player can either get in line to fight or spectate only.
  • All queued players will spectate matches, but there can be only 4 players max in "spectate only" slots so that it is always possible for someone to join the fight queue if there is room.
  • Spectators will remain in the spectating slot after a shrine match concludes. They do not have to re-spectate.
  • The medal items awarded for achieving "time played" milestones have revised text to better clarify what they're for.
  • "Time played" milestones are now shown as text on the player interact menu instead of icons, for better clarity.
  • The Iron and Bronze tier "time played" medals are now awarded at 50 and 100 hours respectively (up from 40 and 80 hours). If you've already earned the medal at it's previous threshold, you keep it, even if you don't qualify for the new threshold.
  • The font in text chat now uses bilinear filtering, which should improve visual clarity.
  • Fixed the lack of a screen transition when going to training mode from the overworld.
  • Fixed text chat dev colors not applying to messages created from Quick Chat.
  • Fixed an issue in the Salt Mines for high-population runs where the boss bear would sometimes not take damage.
  • Fixed an issue in the Salt Mines for high-population runs where player scaling for the boss bear's health was higher than intended.
Reine City (Velvet’s Lobby)
  • The Tavern and Inn buildings are now open.
  • The abandoned merchant stall on the southwest of the district has been demolished. Some minor structural development has been added to the zone.
    • Reports of a sinkhole have been investigated. As a result, a crack in the Reine foundation has been closed up.
  • “The Glory that is Velvet” statue in the plaza has been relocated to a place of honor close to Reine District III’s entrance.

Classic Lobby
  • "Winner Stays" mode is now back in service with a small upgrade: it now displays the order of the combatants in the queue.

Story Mode
  • Shortened and revised dialogue in the post-fight victory cutscene for the Velvet boss battle for better pacing.
  • Shortened and revised dialogue for the "fail to take the turn" joke in Adobo's dialogue for better pacing.

  • Dummies are now set to auto-block after the first hit across all trials in the tutorial, which makes it clearer to players that they missed a combo and failed an objective.
  • Revised Pom's Float tutorial so the instructions match the objective.
  • Fixed a bug on the tutorial select screen where navigation sound effects would play on left/right inputs and not up/down like they should.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would softlock if players skipped the final tutorial section.
  • Fixed a bug on the final tutorial section where the game would hang while waiting for the current DMS outro to finish playing before exiting the tutorial.

  • Juggle Decay hitsparks now respect normal hitspark size scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to buffer a forward dash while also crouch blocking by holding down-back on the first available forward dash frame.
  • The netgraph display on the fight HUD now also displays the button to toggle it off.
  • Velvet now has a new palette: "Majestic Milliner".
  • Fixed multiple instances of Velvet’s projectiles not properly applying hitstun to attacking opponents.
  • Fixed some lingering issues that caused Eruption's crumble animation to flicker slightly before disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug where Velvet could cancel her level 1 super into her level 2 very early with no animation while under the effects of another Velvet's wind.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not grab, command grab, or hitgrab Oleander during Shadow Blast.
  • Fixed an issue where Counterhit disabled sooner than intended during super
  • Pom has two new palettes: "What Time Is It" and "Illudium Q-36".
  • Fixed an issue where Pom's dogs could become permanently locked if launched offscreen hard enough.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not grab, command grab, or hitgrab Pom during Bark!
  • Fixed an issue where Counterhit disabled sooner than intended during super
  • Tianhuo now has a new palette: "RMC OCV".
  • Tianhuo now has a new animation for Men Shao Ti whiff.
  • Tian's Firecracker Flips no longer layer under Pom's dogs (while NOT in dragon install).


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Hotpatch - Version 1.2.1 (07/01/20)
  • Fixed an issue where Velvet's Icicle Missiles would sometimes visually disappear, but maintain a hitbox and hurtbox.
  • Fixed an issue where Tianhuo's new whiff animation on Men Shao Ti had larger collision than was visually represented.
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