Patch Notes - Version 1.1.2 (06/09/20)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 1.1.2 (06/09/20)

Couple small bugfixes going out, along with some revisions to the Juggle Decay section of the tutorial, and private servers now have the ability to disable Salt Mines play. Nothing too huge here, but here are the rest of the notes:

Pixel Lobby
  • You can now disable Salt Mines play on your private server with the following server.cfg value: allow_dungeon_play = false
    • You will of course need to update your server to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fight clouds now have updated art (which had previously only been updated for Story Mode).
  • Fixed a bug where some people would not be able to join a pixel lobby server after just leaving one.

  • Tianhuo: The last hit of Men Shao Ti (her level 1 super) has a new animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the battle HUD could disappear during the first round of an online match with an unstable connection.
  • Fixed bug in online play where both player's end-of-match menus would pop up a second time after a selection was made.
  • Revised tutorial dialogue for the Juggle Decay section. Also made it so the "Reach Max Juggle Decay" trial starts you off with more JD, making the objective easier to complete.
  • Fixed several occurrences of American English in Oleander and Fred's tutorial dialogue. They now speak proper English to the best of our knowledge.
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