Patch Notes - Version 1.1.1 (06/04/20)

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Patch Notes - Version 1.1.1 (06/04/2020)

Hey there everyone! Before we get into the patch notes, we'd like to take the time to discuss an important change made in this update: the removal of skill labels for official Pixel Lobby servers.

In patch 1.0.3, we added skill labels designating servers with a skill level: "Beginner" or "Advanced". It was just a name; it did not come with any kind of actual enforcement system.

We did this in an attempt to help players' chances of finding players at similar skill levels. After observing this in the wild, running a poll, and receiving a lot of great player feebdack, we've determined that this feature has unfortunately not achieved its intended goal. So in this patch, Pixel Lobbies have returned to their previous, unlabeled titles.

The results of the poll were pretty split. As of this writing, we've got (out of 518 votes) 39% with no strong feelings, 32% wanting to keep skill labels, and 29% wanting skill labels removed.

As you can see, there's a rather narrow majority of those who do want skill labels over those that don't, and that's only a third of the total with positive feelings. We're interpreting this data to mean that players want SOME kind way to differentiate skill levels, but THIS system isn't landing all the way.

Without automatic enforcement, skill labels at worst split the playerbase. At best, they can't live up to their expectations. There's no guarantee you'll fight mostly beginners in a beginner lobby.

From here, we're going to try a different approach that makes better use of our two casual ranking systems, which are:
  • The older "Total Time Played" system, available since Early Access launch, represented by the small numbered medals displayed in the upper-left of the player interaction menu in the Pixel Lobby.
  • The newer "Fight XP" system, introduced in the December 2018 patch, which shows a special banner around players' avatars on the match ready screen according to their "casual rank" (which never goes down) earned from playing online.

These systems can give players at least a little more info about their opponent's skill level based on how much time they've played, but right now they're too unclear. They need rebranding so they're easier to notice and their meaning is conveyed faster. That's what we're going to work on next.

Big thanks to everyone who voted in the poll and shared their thoughts directly with us. We're sorry this one had a bit of a false start and we're hoping this next attempt lands better. Let us know what you think about this decision by joining the conversation in our Discord server:

Now, onto the patch notes for this update:

New Feature: Trading Cards
  • TFH now supports the Steam Trading Cards feature! For general info about this system, see this Steam community post.

Pixel Lobby
New Feature: Passcode Protection
  • Private pixel lobby server hosts may now set passcodes on their servers.
    • Please see our updated server hosting guide for instructions on how to use this feature.
    • NOTICE: Mane6 staff members and server moderators are able to bypass passcodes, even on private servers.

Server Browser
  • Skill labels on Pixel Lobby names have been removed.
  • Full servers are now slightly dimmed.

  • Fight challenges will now be automatically declined if the recipient is in a menu or the chatbox is open.
  • There is now a gist displayed over a character's head when they are in a menu, or have the chatbox open.
  • On the player list, you can now see icons next to players who are in overworld fights, or in a menu.
  • Fixed various issues with chat box use for players running resolutions under 720p.
  • Fixed the appearance of the "w" character in the chat box. Enjoy those dubs.

Classic Lobby
  • Fixed various stability issues, though there are likely more to be found. Please report any crashes or weirdness you encounter while using Classic Lobbies.
    • The best place to report bugs is in our Discord server:
  • You can now set Classic Lobby rooms to "invite only" on creation.
  • "Quarters" play mode has been renamed to "Winner Stays" for better clarity.
  • The function for kicking players from Classic Lobbies has been cleaned up. Instead of being offered a menu, now you hold confirm while hovering over that player.
  • For stability reasons, all Classic Lobby types are now limited to one fight at a time. This is a temporary change and we are looking into a long-term solution.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Classic Lobby background from displaying.
  • Fixed some broken text elements.
  • Known issue: the infight win counter is disabled when playing fights from a Classic Lobby.

  • Arizona's 6B now has a more complete animation during startup, intended to provide a better visual indicator, making it easier to react to. The actual frame data has not been changed.
  • Paprika's Cartwheel C now has a slightly revised animation during the middle of the attack, to avoid confusion that she's airborne.
  • Pom's Cross Canter now has a bark sound and a proper (non-cardboard) visual effect.
  • Tianhuo now has a proper animation during crouching pushblock.
  • Tianhuo's standing throw now has a slightly revised animation and an actual fire swipe effect.
  • Oleander: Fixed some minor effect and color zone glitches.
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