Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 (05/20/20)

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Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 (05/20/20)

This update introduces some important Story Mode QoL fixes that should give players a better time on lower difficulty levels. We're also introducing the first round of improvements to online play in preparation for EVO Online!

Story Mode

  • Basic tutorialization for combat and overworld systems has been added to the cave section in chapter 1, which includes revisions to some dialogue.
  • You now receive healing between boss phases in Beginner and Intermediate difficulties.
  • There is now a checkpoint between the two climbing trials in the Highlands.
  • When you enter the wardrobe menu (in story mode), you now start on the hat page instead of the inventory page.


  • Various typos and layering issues all around Story Mode have been fixed.
  • Fixed the background-darkening overlay not going away if you skipped a cutscene while a cinematic art panel was onscreen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fireflies to persist across maps.
  • Fixed an issue that would crash the game if you left story mode during a scripted fight that had a checkpoint immediately afterwards.

  • Fixed several occurrences where it was possible to use player's 2 inputs during boss fights, causing them to behave strangely.
  • Fixed an issue where Arizona would sometimes slide during in-fight dialogue sequences.
  • Fixed an issue with chapter 1's two scripted non-miniboss fights (the bait orb in the caves and the bridge predators in the temple) not KOing the player properly if you lost to them.
    • This was causing an issue where the player would be able to walk around with zero health and not actually die until they entered a fight.

  • Fixed being able to pause the game during the Snake boss's first phase to wait out the time before you're allowed to proceed.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to bug out if you performed a level 2 super during the Velvet boss fight.
  • Fixed Cashmere removing your hat after talking to her with no salt.
  • Fixed some minor layering issues and tileset glitches in Reine.

  • Fixed a missing checkpoint if you left the map where the Paprika fight takes place then reentered.
  • Fixed an issue during the Paprika fight where sometimes her emotes would end early.

  • Fixed Oleander sometimes being able to use her hyperblast finisher during phase 2.


  • We've altered the frequency that CPU characters block attacks and supers at lower difficulties in all modes.
  • The difficulty selector menu for Arcade Mode, Versus CPU, and Story Mode has been redesigned for better clarity.
  • Official Pixel Lobby servers now have a designation for skill levels: "Beginning" and "Advanced". Right now it's just the name of the server and nothing else. This feature will be expanded in a future patch.
  • There is now an option on the Pixel Lobby pause menu to disable the voice chat system.
  • The option for "voice volume" is now called "character speech volume".
  • The button for "voice chat" is now called "push to talk".
  • Fixed an issue with button configuration on keyboards where player 1 was not allowed to map keys that were on player 2's keybinds. Now, you can "steal" keys properly.
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where Arizona's lasso would sometimes not work properly during free play sections.
  • Fixed an issue in the Salt Mines where CPU-controlled Predators could jump into the background.
  • Fixed an issue in training mode where the game would crash if you loaded a save state while the AI was active.
  • Fixed several cases where players attacking their opponent (hit or block) would trade with a projectile on the same frame and go through no hitstun. There may be more of these left, so please report any you run into!
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  • Fixed several cases where players attacking their opponent (hit or block) would trade with a projectile on the same frame and go through no hitstun. There may be more of these left, so please report any you run into!
Does that also include when you grab an opponent on the same frame the projectile hits them? It's not clear to me since the notes only say "hit or block," it causes the whole grab animation to still play as if you actually got the grab, but the character that's supposed to be grabbed doesn't get grabbed and can keep attacking like nothing happened.

Here's a clip

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