Palette cloning bug


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Mar 4, 2018
Location of bug: During active fights/training mode.

Description: If two specific Tianhuo skins are chosen, both players will appear as which ever skin you chose on your screen. Unsure if opposite player sees their own skin, I only saw it cloning my own skin, even if I swapped which skin I had chosen

Video of bug after the fact in pixel lobby

This bug actually occurred originally during a match much earlier in the day, but due to how long the two of us fought, I forgot to more immediately get a recording or test out the bug myself. The two offending skins seem to be "Clever Girl", the skin I normally use, and "Under the Mountain", the skin the opposite player chose when we first fought. A few matches during the fight, I actually went to character select to specifically change skins, which only caused the bug to happen once more, only this time cloning the newly chosen skin.

However, after exiting the match entirely, and rematching said player, with him choosing a different skin than he had originally used, both skins acted correctly, even with me still using Clever Girl. I, unfortunately, have no recording of this happening, nor do I have a clip of me choosing Under the Mountain to test if swapping the skins made a difference--(Both characters still appeared as Clever Girl) All these tests were done while in the pixel lobby, after changing lobbies, and exiting, then re-entering the same lobby. I forgot to test it with another player, and also forgot to check and see if it still occurred in single-player training.

It should be noted, however, that restarting the game entirely seems to have fixed the bug for now. It's personally the first time I've actually run into this after 100+ hours.
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