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Opening Cinematic?

super hurricane

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Feb 13, 2016
Given into account some players are wondering why the equines are fighting to begin with, perhaps a short skippable film at the start is in order? It doesn't have to be animated though... I'll demonstrate a example. Though you guys can also make one if you feel like it.

(scene starts at a cave wall, alit, as the camera focuses on a wolf and a cattle calf, the former chasing the other in a circle as a cave painting sketch)

Narrator: Long ago, there was a cycle of power. The strong eat the weak. But that soon changed, when fire no longer put fear in predators.

(drawing of a early caveman with torch facing down a Bengal tiger leaping at him. Followed by more pictures of villages and towns up in flames, with wolves howling in the distance to a blood red moon.)

Narrator: Their greatest enemy vanquished before their rise, the predators grew in power and numbers either by land,

(Sketching of a frightened lamb chased by bears, wolves and cougars)

Narrator: water,

(sketch of a kelpie dashing amongst reefs to avoid being eaten by a great white shark, with a school of piranha working in unison)

Narrator: Or by air.

(Sketch of a aerial battle between brave Longma and a large flock of falcons and crows)

Narrator: For their hunger would only be satisfied by the thrill of the hunt. Til one day...

(Sketch of a shadowy equine with a long beard appearing in front of a large crowd of herded equine of various races, facing down the predators with her key horn at hoof)

Narrator: The Bearded Prophet ended the cycle by uniting the Equine Herds in a epic war to drive them deep into the HOLD, a prison of infinite rooms.

(Sketch of the predators being sucked into the Void as the shadowy equine casts his magic on a global spell. followed by rejoicing equines who started to build different stages of homes and cities over time. The cave wall starts to shake and buckle, as a rip in time and space slowly is torn open, followed by the sounds of roars, hisses, snarls and growling.)

Narrator: And so peace reigned long after the prophet's parting...but now, the peace is being threatened. They are breaking through. And so, the very fate of Fœnum lies in your tiny hooves. Ready? STAMPEDE!
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Where there is smoke, there is fire!
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Feb 3, 2016
The devs haven't mentioned any opening cinematic in the past, but I imagine it's something they'd like to do eventually. Gameplay, story mode, pixel lobby, and general bug fixes take precedence, though. Getting everything in a working order for eventual future content placement and Mac/Linux versions is much more important than an opening movie.
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Feb 24, 2018
Story mode isn't in yet but you can see the names and some art for the first few stages. The first one there is a prologue, so I guess if we have an opening story cinematic it would be there.