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Online... Matchmaking?

Discussion in 'Online Matchmaking' started by Silver Storm (Sep), Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Silver Storm (Sep)

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    So, as I assume all of you are aware that right now there ISN'T online matchmaking in the game.

    BUT! it's still on the forums and where this post lies.

    This raises two questions.

    1. Why is this section here?
    2. Why didn't I post this in general?

    Well to answer both questions, it is simply because I have discovered the TRUE reason behind this section. Now, when you hear "matchmaking" in this context, it isn't unreasonable to think they are taking about the process of matching people in a game to play the game. HOWEVER, since this is not the case, there is only one explanation.

    This isn't normal matchmaking. This is personal matchmaking.

    In the spirit and honor of being the first person on this thread; I shall introduce myself, using the correct format:

    Name: Silver Storm
    Age: Above 18
    Main: Arizona
    Location: Mane6 Pixel lobby #3

    Contact info:
    Steam Account: Steam Community :: Silver Storm || Sep

    How do you guys feel about this section? Let me, and by proxy Mane6, know your opinion!

    Look forward to the very few people who will actually add me on steam, even if this entire post is a joke.
    Don't ban me plz mane6
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  2. VendiMANS

    VendiMANS the city of Buenos Aires has burned to the ground!

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    I don't remember seeing this section before, if it came out of nowhere then it should be a sign that mm might be just around the corner, but I still prefer the pixel lobby 'cause at least you get to choose who you fight. I'd still give it a shot tho