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Officially unofficial m6 gaming night thread


Crowdfund Backer
Crowdfund Backer
Feb 3, 2016
I would absolutely be down to do this next time it comes up. I think I can do Thursdays and almost definitely Sundays. I just gotta know what games are scheduled for what days and I can see if I have them.


Three Worn Words
Mane6 Developer
Feb 2, 2016
Would it be possible to host multiple gaming sessions at once across different games with different discord chats?
It's totally possible, technically (you can have several text/voice chats running at once in discord), but having five people play a game and two other play a second and a third group just sit in chat would defeat the purpose of having an M6 gaming night, which is to get a bunch of people and play something all together. We -could- do it, once/if the group expands, but for now, would rather keep it to a rotation of games we can bunch in on.

Should I ask for Discord server info preemptively for the event, or are y'all gonna switch?
Sure, throw me a PM and I'll hit you with an invite. Chat's likely to be quiet M6wise when not in gaming days, though, because... you know, the work you guys are paying us to do in the first place.

Will try to set up a poll or something tomorrow, so we know what we'd be doing on Thursday. Schedule would probably be the same. 9 Eastern / 8 Central / 6 pacific / 2 am UK, with the probability of starting a bit earlier if we have people goin', but at the very least startin' at 9 eastern.