Official Tournament Details: Frosty Faustings 2020 and Super MAGFest 2020


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May 30, 2017
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Here here! Behold the latest info on our official tournaments during our Winter Event Tour:

Registration for the official TFH tournament at Frosty Faustings 2020 is now open. You MUST register for FF to be eligible for our tournament! Head over to for instructions on how to sign up. We are doing TWO TOURNAMENTS on TWO SEPARATE DAYS, one on Friday (Jan 17) and one on Saturday (Jan 18). Entry fee of $5 (paid onsite) with fabulous prizes, both cash and merch. Yes, you can sign up for both days, provided you pay the entry fee twice. Entries for both tournaments are capped at 32.

Our official tournament at Super MAGFest 2020 will start on Saturday (Jan 4) at 4pm, but it will be much more casual: single elimination (still best of 3) with no entry fee and only merch prizes. Signups will be taken onsite.

Reminder that these are both LOCAL tournaments. Don't sign up if you're not attending the event!

If you're entering one or more of the tournaments, good luck to you, and see you there.

EDIT: Neither tournament will be streamed, but we'll be making local recordings to upload to YouTube.
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