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Off Topic - Forum Specific Rules

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The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Hey everyone.

This forum is made for housing any and all topics not covered by the rest of the forum's areas, and thus, moderating will be slightly more relaxed in this zone. Be mindful that the Global Forum Rules will still apply and be enforced. Please don't risk disciplinary action to your account.

In addition to the Global rules, the following rules will be applied and enforced.

  • The giving or solicitation of personal ("real life") information details not publicly disclosed in an user's profile is STRICTLY forbidden.
    • In addition, the giving or solicitation of personal information by any underage users (here defined as those under 18 years old) is forbidden, and will result in a forum suspension, and, for repeated or severe offenses, a permanent ban. Legal reasons, people.
  • "Match making" style threads are strictly forbidden. We're not a dating site.
  • Please keep your threads on title topic as much as possible. While this is an off-topic forum, thread derailing will still incur disciplinary actions. E.g. Don't derail the "music" thread into an argument about the philosophical and ethical implications of the use of an eraser as you draw reindeers while balancing pineapples on your nose.
  • "Feed back" is henceforth renamed to Feebdack.
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