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Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 6, 2016
Quote and Picture

I think it might be a bit out there and might not fit in with the TFH world but a Mouse Deer (pictured above) piloting an Elephant Mech for the grappler. The mech could be ancient/lost technology (With the design being preferably Indian or SE Asian inspired due to being the Mouse Deer's native range) and is slightly larger than Paprika. The Elephant trunk can act as her heavy normals, grab method for both normal throws and command throws, and as vacuum, either for sucking in fighters for throws (Think Hisako's command grab in KI2013) and/or absorbing projectiles and specials (think Spinal's Power Devour also from KI2013) of her foes to collect magic and by spending magic can deflect projectiles with a burst of wind or an discharge upclose blast of dust.

Ever since I made that post, I've been quietly working creating these two in between other writing projects and games such as Civilization 6, Renowned Explores, and Stardew Valley (the latter for the Switch). Since my drawing skills are abysmal, I've decided instead to write a bio and move-set for these two characters.

Name: Kesong and Domrey

Species: Mouse Deer/Mastodon Automaton respectively

Bio: Kesong is a Mouse Deer hailing from the Delta, A fertile tropical region where the rivers meet into the Ocean. The Mouse Deer are the tiniest sentient hoofed mammals in of all Fœnum. They make their settlements in the abandoned ruins in the Delta. The ruins provide shelter from the frequent floods the delta endures and from smaller predators that were not banished to the hold. They turn to the automated Mastodon statues as their guardians for protection. Kesong herself was satisfied with her place in life as the middle child in her family and her job as a pottery apprentice.​

Domrey, the name given by Kesong’s village, was part of group of automated mastodon machines believe to have been built by an ancient race of ungulate artisans who lived long before the times of the Prophet. At the rise of the sun to its fall, these stoic and reserved machines were tasked with the maintenance of their master’s homes. Serpentine trunks would use archaic magick to command wind and water. The latter by collecting fresh water from the nearby river and then spraying to irrigate crops, clean the temple rooftops, and drench any flames that have gone out of control. The former to suck up dirt, blow away stray leaves, and dry up flooded pathways.​

No one knows what happened to the artisans, but the popular consensus based on limited evidence available is that they simply left, leaving their automatons to maintain their abandoned home. For centuries, the mammoth units carried on their task, cleaning their empty home. The mouse deer do study the mastodon parts and can repair them if necessary, which is maybe why the machines allow the mouse deer stay in their keep out of gratitude. However, during a badger attack, Kesong herself tried to hide, and the discovered the guardian could be manually controlled. She saved her village from the badger attack, but the mouse deer soon learned that the bigger predators would be returning. Thus, Kesong became the Delta’s Key Keeper, a responsibility that sometimes overwhelms the middle child mouse deer.​

Kesong’s Family: Chhana (Mother), Khoya (Father), Dangke (Older Brother), Imsil (Younger Brother)


Fight Data and moveset:

Health: High, Same as Arizona and Paprika.​

Mobility: Normally low, but magic can be spent for bursts of speed.​

Variable mix motif: SE Asian, Drums and metallophonic instruments, resembling a gamelan ensemble.​

Fighting Style: Vacuum Grappler: Taking control of a Mastodon mech, Kesong and Domrey are all about slamming foes around with the long trunk. If foes think they can keep away with projectiles, the trunk can suck in specials and magic attacks into magic charges and use them for burst mobility or dust clouds to approach. And by using Vacuum Throw, sucked in opponents will find it hard to flee from Kesong and Domrey. The big weakness they have normally slow mobility. Their walk speed is terrible, and their jumps are floaty and sluggish. Players must also balance how they spend magic between strong damage options, or mobility options.



:A:: Tusk Spear: One of Domrey’s tusk thrusts forward to jab the opponent. Crouching version hit low.​

:B:: Tackle: Domrey shoulder checks the opponent. Crouching version has a small amount of upper body invincibility and the standing version moves Kesong and Domrey a small bit forward.​

:C:: Trunk Whip: Kesong lashes at the opponent using Domrey’s Trunk. Good range, crouching version hits low and knocks down, but both are unsafe on block. Best used a whiff punish tool.​

(Air) :A:: Air Tusk Spear: Domrey’s tusk thrust 45 degrees downward. An excellent instant overhead when used after Booster Jump.​

(Air) :B:: Air Tackle: Domrey shoulder checks the airborne opponent. Air Tackle moves Kesong and Domrey a small bit forward.​

(Air) :C:: Trunk Spin: Kesong extends Domrey’s trunk and spins in the air. A strong cross up option if used after a Booster Jump​


Command Normals:

:6: :+: :A:: Anti-Air: Kesong thrusts Domrey’s trunk upward into the air and sprays water. The anti-air is jump cancelable on hit.​

:B: :+: :C:: Throw: Domrey grabs the opponent with its trunk slams her head first into the ground. Hard Knockdown.​

:B: :+: :C:: Back Throw: Domrey grabs the opponent with it's trunk, spins 180 degrees, using the momentum to toss the opponent. A combo can be followed up if one Kesong and Domrey’s burst mobility options are used.​

:3: :+: :C:: Launcher: Kesong quickly aims the trunk under her foe and blasts her into the air with a quick geyser of water. Is Jump cancelable on hit.​


Magic: Domrey’s Trunk: Domrey’s Trunk is the automaton’s greatest weapon. Not only can it nullify enemy spells, the trunk can use that magic to discharge clouds of dust or act as a rocket to give a burst of mobility. Has 3 stocks and gains magic by absorbing specials and supers through the Vacuum Trunk Move.

Vacuum Trunk: :D:: Kesong activates the Mech’s trunk. The trunk begins to suck in the air and can absorb projectiles, special attacks, and magic attacks from their opponents, gaining one stock of magic for each hit absorbed to a maximum of three charges.​

Dust Blast::4: :+: :D:: Kesong aims Domrey’s Trunk forward and fires a shotgun blast of dust. Staggers on Hit and deals great chip damage on block.​

Dust Storm: :1: :+: :D:: Kesong uses Domrey’s Trunk to spray the air 45 degrees above her with dust. The Dust stays in place acting as a stationary multi-hit projectile, and when positioned correctly, will prevent opponents from jumping without having to take multiple hits or blocking some heavy chip damage.​

Booster Rocket: :6: :+: :D:: Kesong aim the trunk behind her and uses it as a booster by spraying a powerful surge of water for a fast projectile invincible dash.​

Booster Jump: :3: :+: :D:: Kesong places the trunk in between Domrey’s legs to quickly rocket-jump a small distance forward into the air using a burst of water, giving Kesong some fast overhead/crossup options.​



Vacuum Throw: :6::3::2::1::4: :+: :atk:: Domrey’s Trunk sucks in the opponent, with the button determining what type of grab is used. When the opponent connects the trunk, one of three of three throws occurs by a second press of any normal button. :A: is a grab without any vacuuming with okay range, :B: sucks in grounded foes towards Domrey. :C: is an anti-air version that sucks in air borne opponents horizontally.​

  • Vacuum Throw Follow-up: (Upon successful Vacuum Throw) :atk:: Once the foe is trapped by Domrey's trunk, a follow up throw is determined by the press of a button. :A: sets the opponent down for a mix-up by simply letting them go, leaving Kesong and Domrey at +4 frame advantage. :B: throws the foe upward. :C: throws the opponent into the ground for a ground bounce. If no button is inputted in two seconds upon a successful Vacuum Throw grab, the :A: follow-up is automatically chosen but the frame advantage is reduced to +0.

Mammoth Tackle: :4::1::2::3::6: :+: :atk:: Domrey performs a charging headbutt. The range is short but depending on the button press, the attack gains one of three sets of properties. :A: makes the move evade enemy low attacks and gives the best frame advantage on block at -2, but no knockdown on hit. :B: gives Domrey throw invincibility and extra range, and tumbles opponents on hit. :C: makes the move a damaging overhead, knocks down opponents, but is the slowest and unsafe at -14 on block.​


Super: Ungulate Cannon: :4::1::2::3::6::+: :atkatk:: A command grab which Domrey’s Tusks lift the opponent off the ground. Afterwards, the Trunk charges up and fires a geyser of water that launches the opponent 45 degrees into the wall and wallsplats. Enhanced Super must be inputted before Kesong’s foe is fired.​

Enhanced Super: Scathing Surge: :2::1::4: + :atkatk:: Instead of shooting her opponent, Kesong causes Domrey’s Tusks to electrify the opponent. The opponent is hit with a debuff that prevents them from jumping and using air actions.​
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