Now Available (To Backers): Complete Recordings Soundtrack - Stage Pack


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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
We're pleased to announce that phase 1 of the "Complete Recordings" soundtrack: The Stage Pack, is ready for download!

This perk is available to all those who backed our Indiegogo campaign at the Menacing Shadow or Lusciously Bearded Unicorn (and above) tiers. To access the files, sign in to your BackerKit here: (Them's Fightin' Herds on BackerKit)

If you have any trouble getting to your download, email us at

The Complete Recordings Stage Pack contains the following items in both MP3 and FLAC formats:.
  • All 6 Dynamic Music System character themes for each of the 6 home stages.
  • Regular and final round variants.
  • Neutral and idle variants.
  • Looping and non-looping variants. Non-looping includes intros/outros where applicable
In addition:
  • All combinations of character select themes, pre-mixed for convenience.
  • Training stage music: idle/regular and looping/non-looping variants.
There are 466 individual files totaling almost 6 GB in this pack (if you count both the MP3 and FLAC versions), so we had split it up into a number of smaller zips. Don't worry: we've clearly labeled them to help you decide what to grab first.

We know you've all been waiting more than a year to receive this backer reward. Sorry it took so long; we really appreciate your patience. There's more to be added to the Complete Recordings collection, and we'll try to be faster to include it as it's produced. There's still arcade mode, Salt Mines, and story mode tracks to deliver, all of which are currently in progress.

As of now, backers are the only ones who have access to this collection. Someday in the future we'd like to offer it for sale to the general public (with 100% of the net proceeds going straight to the musicians), but we've yet to determine where, when, or how much it will be. We'll be making that announcement later, once we've figured out the details.

Thanks again for your support. We hope you enjoy the music. Getting closer to 1.0!



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Jul 18, 2019
Bandcamp? Bandcamp.

It's a good platform and offers a high proportion of sales back to musicians.