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Feb 4, 2016
I'm pretty sure we did? If you had the digital soundtrack tier or above it should be in your backerkit account. At least it's in mine.
This. It's also buyable. I know I've seen it on Google play, but it's probably on other stuff as well.


Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer

Also curious if snowball fights were dropped or if they're coming later down the line when Rein is readded as a lobby.
All silly activities like this will be looked into after the lobbies are reintroduced, since for now it is essential we get them up and running properly in quick order before anything extra like this. I do miss the snowball fights, though.

@Nappy Anything else you can share regarding the next update? Release window, etc.
Nothing much beyond what's been stated in this thread so far. This was initially a tiny patch to update predators, but the matchmaking portion of it was such an undertaking that a bunch of other bits had time to get cleaned up. Most of this patch is for visuals, audio and AI, with balance and bug fixes (while bigger than they were ever initially going to be) taking a relative backseat until the next one.

Thoughhhh I CAN say that the current patch will not take much time from now to reach public. We're actually squashing the last bit of glaring issues right this moment!

Are backers ever going to get the “Best Of” edition of the digital soundtrack?
Will virtual backer rewards be sent out after 1.0 releases?
Yes, any backer rewards that still need to, will exist after 1.0 is released
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