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My thoughts and analysis about the recent Pom changes


The best mid tier you'll encounter
Feb 3, 2016
First of all for those who do not know me, I am considered one of the best pom players there is for now, I have dedicated this game around 800 hours at the moment, I have been a big fan of the game since its inception and today I come to talk about a topic of which I feel it is important, which is the overall character balance of the game, mainly from the perspective of the character that caught me from the beginning, Pom, I want to touch this issue mostly because I am concerned about a very important aspect in this moment, which is that Pom no longer feels like a character that you can have fun using anymore, what do I mean by this? Simple, frustration.

Every pom player knows very well that even because of her archetype, Pom demands too much to be able to win a round, mostly because it was already quite difficult to have an advantage or hit the opponent to begin with, also she always was one of the characters with the least average damage and the smallest hitboxes in the game except for her C moves that even then are quite easily punishable, and a ''reversal'' that only helps her get back to neutral and sometimes prepare some setups that may or may not be very helpful depending on the matchup.

Anyway, the main point I want to talk about right now is about the new changes to her JC since it is quite remarkable that it is now much more complicated to confirm a combo or even win the neutral unlike other characters that practically don't care about the distance when they get any kind of confirm, specially when some of their moves are even longer than Pom's 2C and can still get pretty big damage from it or do their full combo without problem.

I consulted this topic with several people and I understand that this type of change was made to maintain a more focused style to the use of dogs but what worries me is that pom by herself is no longer a character who has the necessary tools to defend herself or attack properly even with her dogs, also the rewards she gets from almost all her confirms are laughable compared to what everyone else can do on any situation, even on resets and okis.

Although I understand perfectly that she needed some nerfs in some aspects, in my consideration this was not the way to make her a more balanced character, mostly because the way she is now feels frustrating and disappointing to play with, to the point that certain matchups feel now almost impossible to win at high level play like Velvet or Oleander because she now lacks the tools to fight properly a good zoning and any kind of mistake will always cost her almost all her health because the only way to be viable with her right now is by being completely defensive since her offensive setups aren't that good anymore.

In my honest opinion if I could do some changes to her would be that she only needed shorter hitboxes on her JC, make it add more JD and some damage adjustments, even other changes to it instead of making it way slower since this kind of modification makes JC very useless now in all situations (neutral, combos, pressure, exchanges, setups, resets) considering it was her best button but now she has nothing to make the opponent feel worried like at all and I can confirm it too when I played against other poms, she really doesn't feel like a threat anymore, even when she uses her dogs the overhead and sometimes the low pressure is almost non existant unless she is completely close to you which is veeeeeery hard to achieve anyway and the damage is almost never something to worry about.

Sadly after these changes even some pom players have decided to drop her because of how frustrating it has become to play with her, even me at certain point but I really don't want to give up on this character, this is also the main reason why I'm making this post, I don't want people to leave this character.

In another note, I completely support the knockback nerf on her lvl1 super, it was very needed considering the big damage/setup potential it had so I don't have any issues with it tbh.

Lastly I want to make clear that I'm not making this as a complain but instead as an analysis and feebdack from someone that has dedicated almost all his time to the least selected character because I want the best for this game and I want to help reach a more true balanced game where every character feels fun to use and fight against, I know there's still a very long way to go but I wanted to give my own opinion about how things feel at the moment.
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Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Oct 19, 2016
Kinda agree with this, even as a Velvet main. Pom's damage output off full-range heavy attacks was never all that great. Her power is in her resets and overwhelming oki. Even then, it's not like she has a JD refund option like Paprika or Ari, so her oki still has the downside of diminishing returns on combos, and gifting meter.

Taking away a universal follow-up because Pom is too far away effectively shortens her range and makes it that much harder for her to convert stray hits into her vortex, weakening the already tenuous link between her neutral and her punish game.

I suppose you could mix up j.C and AD Air Throw for the time being. Having to win in neutral just to get a low-benefit mix-up seems pretty punitive to me, though.


Literal Sheep
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Hello, I am also someone who plays Pom. I am not here to shoot down everything that you've said, but there are a couple of points that I feel strongly enough about that I feel I should chime in.

pom by herself is no longer a character who has the necessary tools to defend herself or attack properly even with her dogs
In my opinion, and I'm sure others would agree, Airbud is by far the best defensive tool in the game, as well as being a great offensive tool. If j.C was being used as a defensive option then I guess I missed something, because I never saw it as one. As for offensive options, sure j.C got weaker, but it's still usable, and her other tools were not changed at all.​

this kind of modification makes JC very useless now in all situations (neutral, combos, pressure, exchanges, setups, resets)
J.C is no longer usable in one situation, weaker in some, and more or less the same in others. The situation it is no longer usable is for long-ranged confirms with no usable dogs out, which I would say is not that big of a deal. Some situations it is weaker in is for neutral and pressure, as it is easier to react to. And for exchanges, setups, and resets, it is pretty much the same. This is much different from "very useless now in all situations", which would have everything under "no longer usable".​


Crowdfund Backer
Crowdfund Backer
Feb 29, 2016
Hello. Day-of-launch Pom main here. Let me start by saying that I recognize that I don't have nearly as much experience as probably any of you, but I suppose sharing what I think could be mostly harmless.

When I heard a patch was coming out, I was I was undeniably super-excited, especially when I heard that balance changes were coming for the purpose of people being able to pick whoever they wanted without fearing they would lose out on a lot of options. The first thing that went through my mind was, "Yes! Pom is going to get a boost and more people will play her!"

I am acquainted with a fair chunk of the community, and I know that at least two Poms have left the scene, with at least two others being tempted to do the same.

All the same I think everyone is right to some extent. It is much more difficult to confirm 3C jC, and I've had trouble with Velvet and Oleander anyway, so I'm not sure what to make of the changes in that regard. Me personally, it's not like I'm throwing in the towel, because frankly I think I never will, but I'm trying to adapt with her other tools like jA, jB, and bitey setups. I have a feeling that was intentional--to put the spotlight on other tools that she has.

There's other ways to fight with her, every matchup is winnable... it's just going to take a lot more work than it already does. I'll keep at it myself but I'm no lab monster. That much I can leave to the professionals. One does require amazing neutral to excel as Pom, and it's more evident in this patch now than ever. Trying to touch the opponent about five or six times when they only need touch you three to four, is indeed quite the task, but it feels that much more satisfying at the end. For newer players like myself, this might seem extremely daunting.

As for the other changes, regarding level one, I think that was a fair decision. It could give someone just enough time to call air bud and keep going for a little bit instead of calling everybody and their mother (ha). I know it's tough balancing everyone but the game can still be fun...if a bit frustrating.