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Movies Opinions Thread


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Feb 3, 2016
Something pretty simple. Seen a movie and want to comment on it? Come on down! (Price is right theme plays)

- Sausage Party
Somewhat hit or miss. When it hit, it hit hard. When it missed, it was usually due to overusing the same joke. Used the f-word too much to the point of annoyance almost as if they were doing it because they could. Food orgy at the end was extremely gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous and went on too long (would've been fine at a couple minutes but it goes on for like 5 or more). All in all, glad I saw it but I doubt I'll buy it when it comes out for a 2nd viewing. B-

- Pete's Dragon
Very generic. Humans were extremely undeveloped and uninteresting. Story is one we've seen and heard before. Extremely predictable. Only good parts were the interactions between Pete and Elliott and even those were limited. Solid C.