Merch News - Amendment to Dev Update #4


He Who Manages
Mane6 Developer
May 30, 2017
Rockville, MD - USA
Merch News - Amendment to Dev Update #4

Hey everyone! I've got a small announcement to make that provides an expansion, clarification, and amendment to Monday's Development Update #4 regarding the new merch.

First, the background knowledge. There were some people who included additional items in their preorder of a Velvet statuette. The product listing states that these additional items would be held until production of the statuette was complete and everything could be shipped together.

In the Development Update, I reported a decision to go the extra mile and ship those additional items out earlier, mainly to help alleviate the (estimated) 3-month wait for production. But after reexamining the situation (and receiving customer feebdack), we decided to return to the original plan, which is to hold orders that included additional items until the Velvet statuette is in stock.

We apologize for the confusion. As we were planning this, we decided not to prevent people from preordering a statuette and purchasing other items at the same time, but we also can't fulfill an order that contains an item that's still in production.

So, going forward, the best way to get in-stock items now and preorder a statuette is to do separate orders for each. But if you made a mistake and you're really chompin' to get your stuff ASAP, we are still willing to split your order on a per request basis, for US customers only. Please email (our wonderful merch coordinators) for assistance.

Aaron Stavely
President, Mane6
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