ManeCast Stream #5 - This Friday (2/14/20)


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
It’s time for another ManeCast stream! What’s ManeCast you ask?! Well dear reader, ManeCast is a podcast-like discussion show hosted by community manager MPK between the dev team and members of our community about the state of the game and the latest buzz surrounding it. We’ll also be watching some sets in the background that will occasionally distract us.

See ManeCast #5 live on Friday the 14th (Valentine’s Day for those stateside) at our usual time: 3pm PT, in our usual place: The recording of the stream will be uploaded to our YouTube channel the day after.

We’ll kick things off with some info from us about the February patch: what will be in it and when it will be. Then, we’ll launch into a more freeform discussion, covering the recent Frosty Faustings and the huge community tournament at the upcoming Combo Breaker. As always, questions and topic suggestions from the chat are welcome!

Our community guests this time are BlackAtlas and Dalone, who masqueraded as Twiwink during the Saturday FF tournament. Dalone’s premiere caused quite a stir in the bracket, but created the opportunity for some salty runbacks.

It’s gonna be a good one. Hope to see you there.
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