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Mane6 Work Stream #9


Keepin' It Stylish
Mane6 QA
Feb 2, 2016
plus I'm a Q player in Third Strike so it's etched into my brain that back MP is the only real good anti air button.
Like Cam had mentioned before, attacking out of blocking makes putting command normals on 4 a bit cumbersome. In Street Fighter, this is much less of an issue; with a 6 button game, you have quite a bit more variation with your choice of normals, and they're not all competing for real estate on your control layout. For example, most characters in that series have their longest, safest normal on Medium Kick, so it's okay to put a command normal on Medium Punch, since your likelihood of using it while trying to play offensively is pretty low. In TFH, we don't have that distinction. There is no Medium Punch and Medium Kick, there's just Medium. TFH is technically a 4 button game, but in practice, it's essentially a 3 button game, with the fourth button being used for character-specific attack mechanics. This only gives you 3 reliable buttons to press when considering your normal attack options. Each command normal input has to be carefully considered to make sure it doesn't conflict with the myriad of applications that a single button press could have as either an offensive or defensive tool, and if one button press shares both functions by adding a command normal, the directional input for that variant needs to be carefully considered.