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Mane6 Work Stream #4


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 7, 2016
Dont worry I'll be bringing all the picnics for us all...cant wait to see all those improvments in motion esp that new background. Also waiting for the next meme to pop up like it always does even if its an accident...
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Twitch Streamer, Amateur Shoutcaster...
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 11, 2016
Slovenia, Ljubljana

Everybody picnic!

The fourth Mane6 work stream will be happenin’ next Friday March 25 at 3PM Pacific Time, as always, on our twitch channel

See y’all there.

– Mane6.
Tnx for this. Really blew my mind especialy since I was speculating that the next work stream would be in the begining of april. Now you made my "holeweakend" much more enjoyable. First i'll watch the s**t out of the stream and then the next day I jump on the hype train with the rest of my bronies and pegasisters with the Lawyer Friendly Equines season 6 special opening episode.


Alpaka Representative/Robot Family Bear
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Feb 3, 2016
Bryan, Texas
Finally caught up with the streams, almost. TOMORROW I WATCH THIS ONE!!!!!

Edit: Done. Totally worth missing some sleep.
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