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Mane6 Work Stream #15


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold

Another month, another stream. We're reaching the end of the planned development cycle, too, so this might be one of the three last major work streams we make (at least before we dip into the additional crowdfunded material)

This month, we're scheduling the work stream for next Friday, February 24, as usual, at 3PM pacific Time, in our Twitch Channel.

We'll see you all there!


Twitch Streamer, Amateur Shoutcaster...
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 11, 2016
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Looking forward to more booty wiggles, since they will be gone in the finished product.
ight be one of the three last major work streams we make"​
Oh noes, everybody picnic!

Can't wait to see what you have been up to. Hopefully we see less and less cardboard cut outs :)
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Cas Warner

Another runner in the night
Feb 8, 2016
I think it was Amaryllis who predicted that when a sheep lets loose her inner wolf and two Paprikas make eye contact, it's a sign of the approaching alpacalypse.

We say, "Duck!"