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Major problem with the Announcer


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 8, 2016
I understand that the announcer is the 'prophet' and is significant to the plot, however hype for a fighting game should be the first priority and the announcer is the opposite of hype. I have friends that don't even want to play the game because the announcer is so bad, no one wants grandma commentating their hype fighting matches. Please give us an option for a more fighting game friendly announcer, or the ability to turn off announcer without muting characters. The game is so incredible and it makes no sense to have such a weak announcer that is a turn off for the game. It will literally turn people away from this fantastic game and will hurt sales, game longevity, and viewership which is crucial for an indie fighting game to survive in the FGC. First impressions are very important for fighting games because it is a saturated market, especially since the game is about to go 1.0. If the devs want this game to succeed, this NEEDS to be addressed. The current announcer has the potential to kill this game before it gets of the ground.
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Dec 25, 2020
I both agree and disagree.

When I look at everything they've done with the music (blending the characters' themes with both the select screen and stage BGMs), it makes me think that the announcer should be handled in a similar way. You wouldn't have just one voice, but several to fit each individual match-up.

To me, the current voice sounds fitting for an Arizona mirror match in that it feels like you're hearing the voice of Minnesota encouraging her daughter to fight. But yes, it doesn't really suit the rest of the cast, so for that reason they could bring in new voices to announce for every single two-character match combination. Starting with all the mirror matches so the announcers reflect each characters' persona, and then the remaining matches where the voices are more reactionary to said personas clashing.