Lunar New Year Update - Version 2.3.0

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Jan 25, 2016
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Lunar New Year Update - Version 2.3.0


Lunar New Year Event

Introducing our first Lunar New Year celebration update! In this patch we're releasing a variant of Tianhuo's stage called Spring Festival. For the Pixel Lobby, new seasonal accessories are available and each map has been decorated.

Because we focused most of our efforts on the stage, there's a lighter set of accessories and decorations compared to previous events.

The new accessory set will be available at Cap 'n Cash's until the event ends on Feb 3rd. Afterwards, the items go in with the regular rotation. The stage variant is unlocked for everyone forever!

Patch Notes

In our recent new publisher announcement we said we'd be introducing new character palettes (including Amaron's custom palette earned from Grand Stampede) along with some codefixes, but we decided it would be safer to postpone their release until after we're back from Frosty Faustings this weekend.

Here's what is included in this release:

Opening Credits
  • The Modus logo has been added to the opening credits. Say hello to our new publisher! Check out their website here.
Pixel Lobby
  • Lunar New Year 2022 accessory set is now available.
  • Fixed getting the Shanty image when unlocking a shadow palette for Paprika.
  • Refixed a previously fixed but then broken secret room in Velvet's lobby.
  • New Tianhuo Stage Variant: Spring Festival. This stage variant is added as a free update and is instantly unlocked for all. For the duration of the event it will be the default Tianhuo stage, afterwards it can be found by scrolling down from Huoshan Capital on stage select.
  • Known Issue: The Spring Festival variant for Tianhuo's stage currently doesn't work with the 2D stages option enabled. This will be rectified in a future patch.

    Developer Notes
    For the longest time, Tianhuo was the only member of the original roster that did not have a stage variant (example: night or raining) so we've wanted to do something special for her for a while.

    Originally it was just going to be a lighting adjustment and decorating spree on Huoshan, but we decided to take advantage of our new production capacity right away and build an entirely new stage from scratch!

    Though Spring Festival has a new appearance, it uses the same Dynamic Music System collection as Tianhuo's regular stage

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