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List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrystalBlazier, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Stunthead

    Stunthead Springbok when
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    "That Stunthead guy? Yeah, read his recaps REALLY carefully. You know what he's like..."

    I'm just kidding, I know what you meant. Thanks for reading.

    I don't think we knew the country was called Rein before, and I think the spelling of the capital is new. The Lore Archival thread has generated Lore! We've solved economics!

    Man, the answer was right here on the forum the whole time, just a search away? Strangely this is the one place I didn't look. It was so obvious that I didn't consider it.
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  2. gatorafan

    gatorafan HOLAS: (tm)
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    I can confirm the phrase "Please say baa" was mentioned on chat before Christina Vee was brought up on stream (and me asking about how would you BAA with an accent), I don't know the context of the quote but I wouldn't be surprised if it was still about us making fun about the possible VA audition process.

    I do remember on lawyer friendly VA panels that one of the actors had to do toilet sounds once so I'm sure any potential candidates for the game will be ready for whatever Mane6 asks of them... OR ELSE
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  3. Oreo

    Oreo Keepin' It Stylish
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    A slight correction to the wording here, for clarification. It's not short combos that this prevents. It promotes shorter combos, indirectly. What it's intended to prevent is very long, damaging combos that go into situations that are very difficult to defend against, giving the attacker another long, damaging combo. The system change is an experiment to see if we can get the game to be a decision for the player between short combos with strong pressure on wakeup, versus long combos with weaker pressure on wakeup.

  4. Delusional Dreamer

    Delusional Dreamer Fœnum iCloud

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    634 notifications?! How do you even live like this? If I was you that would bother me to no end.
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  5. NeoTensai

    NeoTensai Twitch Streamer, Amateur Shoutcaster...
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    Here have a like DD. I suspect that once the game is out there will be a lot more notifications than just 634.
  6. Oreo

    Oreo Keepin' It Stylish
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    If they don't pop up, I pretty much just ignore them. 604 of them are comments on threads, most of which were people complaining about certain games not running well on release.

    Mind the derail, though.
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  7. Tox

    Tox Ms. Fortune is best pone
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    These recaps are always fun to read. I managed to make this stream! They even answered my question at 42:51
  8. Anukan

    Anukan Three Worn Words
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    It's in the same post where the Peppercorn thing comes up.
  9. Stunthead

    Stunthead Springbok when
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    Because I learnt where the name "Paprika Peppercorn" came from, I completed my unfinished business in the mortal world and finally ascended to the great cosmos. Then the next stream came out and I had more business retroactively added to my list, so the gods sent me back. Any old excuse I guess. Anyway, fun stream, it had some cool music in it, so let's get a start.

    MANE6 WORK STREAM #15 - FEB 24
    PART 1

    0:00 - Once again we start by paying a visit to our friend Lindsay. Velvet's stage is coming along nicely.
    1:03 - New character select screen! Likely still a WIP, but looking pretty swish.
    1:15 - Animations happen when doing a heavy attack on your opponent (and I assume other hard-hitting attacks). For instance, here you can see the trees bobbing in the background. One of the trees is very enthusiastic. There's also a very large boat and some new water put in.
    2:10 - The team has only just now sorted out some "contract stuff" with Cristina Vee and SAG-AFTRA, and they hope to seek out auditions soon.
    3:55 - Boat geddan
    4:02 - I think Jay is referencing this video.
    6:10 - The bouncing tree brings Lindsay endless joy.
    7:04 - Paprika has a blanket now. It's not animated yet, but it's still adorable. Silly alpaca. She thinks rugs are for backs.
    7:25 - The Unicornomicon has some animation! The book is a 3D object and Jay explains their process regarding it. Lindsay can animate it in 3D and then export the individual frames for the guys to use in-engine.
    10:18 - They seem to have fallen a tad behind schedule, but they're trying their hardest to get everything done. The game is so hot it lit Nappy's house on fire. He's okay, but that does slow down development a little.
    10:44 - Pom's stage has come along, there are some lovely flowers and trees in the background.
    11:37 - Jay explains the process for getting voice actors. For the sake of consistent quality, they will all be required to record in L.A. The team says they don't have a clear idea in their head for how exactly they want the characters to sound, so it'll be a nice surprise for them to hear a voice they like and go "Oh, that's perfect."
    14:29 - The team does not get updates and bug-fixes to the version of the Skullgirls engine that they have, as they split off a while ago. Beta and Pineapple have been making changes and fixes where needed. Some of the tools they've made are being used by Lab Zero for Indivisible.
    16:44 - HOLD UP! Literally! One of the stages Lindsay passes over is called "Hold." Sneaky developers are keeping secrets from us.
    19:37 - There's also an option for "Superjump." WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
    25:45 - The team thinks it would b cool to have Lauren Faust voice someone at some point. Lauren be shy tho.
    26:10 - The windmill blades start bouncing, everyone laughs.
    27:31 - Paprika has had more work done on her stage too.
    28:39 - "Nice and depressing." I'm pretty sure I've been called that on more than one occasion...
    29:02 - Pom has the crap beaten out of her by the first version of the Paprika AI.
    31:51 - Oleander stage update, it's looking gorgeous. Lots of light and colour. Maybe Oleander and Paprika should consider trading houses, it might suit them better. Oh, and meanwhile Oleander is having her everything ruined by the Arizona AI.
    33:10 - Lindsay has been adding more lights to the stages that the characters can pass through. It's hard to see on stream, but it should come out looking lovely in the game.
    35:14 - And now onto Tianhuo! Her stage has seen some massive updates too. And Pom, ever the pacifist, chooses not to beat Lindsay up. Truly best ungulate.
    36:08 - I just realized that the character select screen is displaying the AI as names like "Udder Destruction" and "Moobot Beefhammer."
    36:29 - Pom needs to be gently reassured before she can start beating the crap out of everyone.
    38:04 - Lindsay briefly acknowledges the existence of the Hold Stage, but she says she didn't plan on showing it. Whether she's saving it for release or saving it for a future stream is yet to be seen.
    38:28 - Oleander's book may lose a few details in fights except during certain moves. It also hasn't been fully paletted yet.
    39:47 - Arizona's stage is shown off, and there are wiggly cacti during the big hits. Hooray cactus wiggles!
    41:19 - Pssh. Why do they never give ME a name-drop on stream. N-not that I want one or anything. B-baka. Anyway, arcade mode is going to be very limited in terms of story by the sounds of it. It's more for people who just wanna do some fighting without all that pesky lore stuff getting in the way. Even in story mode though, voice acting is probably going to be quite limited outside the actual fights. They aren't going to be voicing all the dialogue visual-novel style or anything (though they may try to sneak in a little bit of story-relevant dialogue during the intros to the fights).
    43:46 - The AI don't cheat! It doesn't read your inputs, it just reads the layout of the hit/hurtboxes in real time. They just need to tone down the reaction time value a little bit and it's a level playing field.
    48:10 - All the mane characters have the same sized hitbox. Oh, and sorry if I missed anything at the end of this part, I fell under the stream recap sleep spell again.

    PART 2
    0:00 - Okay, I'm awake now. For those of you who haven't heard, Velvet and Tian's magic recharge system has been changed (which they detail later). This may have an effect on how Velvet's level 2 super works. Or it might not. Who knows?
    0:24 - They plan on having the fight intros be influenced by not only who your character is, but who they're fighting as well.
    1:05 - SOUND EFFECTS AHOY! I mean, we had some sound effects before, but there are more, newer ones now. They're pretty sexy. Or should I say SFXy?
    2:49 - The team is working on getting some secondary effects in. They were hoping to have them ready for the stream, but thanks to that super RUDE housefire, they had to stick with Skullgirls placeholders for the time being. I'm sure those will be ready by next stream.
    5:26 - Nappy teases us with a tiny tiny clip of the Velvet stage background music, then he rips it from our clutches. It's okay though, because we get new music soon after...
    5:51 - And there it is! Velvet's stage theme, plus a good long demonstration of how Velvet and Tian's character themes are going to be remixed into it. In this segment we also hear a little demo of how the music changes during the intro animations, and also when the characters are idle. How nice. But surely there won't be any more...
    11:31 - THERE IS MORE! Tian's stage theme is played! Still work in progress, and there's no character variations to it yet, but it's rockin' nonetheless!
    12:45 - Arizona is at first confused, but eventually she can fight the urge to dance no longer.
    17:21 - Velvet's magic system no longer fills differently depending on distance, it now has a consistent recharge rate.
    18:52 - Velvet can now do aerial versions of her icicles, which can be placed at different angles. They will be playing around to see what angles are making it to final release.
    21:35 - Velvet's (and I assume Tian's) magic regen slows down while in hitstun.
    22:22 - They plan on giving Arizona the awkward "Whoops I missed my rope" chuckle that they had back in the less lawyer friendly days.
    22:59 - Velvet's level 2, which as I mentioned earlier is subject to revision, currently slows the opponent down and refills her magic bar.
    24:58 - I don't know if this is a new addition but I certainly never noticed it before. Oleander's throw refills one stock of her magic.
    25:24 - Oleander's ground teleport is slow but it doesn't take magic. Her air teleport is fast, but it DOES take magic.
    25:35 - The team has a plan for how they're going to tackle eye tracking.
    26:12 - Again, I can't tell if this has been in the game for a while and I just missed it, but Ole has a ground teleport uppercut attack that looks like it's going to turn her head into a skull for a second. It costs magic and it teleports right in front of the opponent. Imagine you were walking along and then BOOM, skeleton. Spooky stuff.
    35: 31 - Pom's dogs be barkin'! They're still working on them, and Jay mentions later that they'll be pitching them up. Yip yip.
    40:17 - EPIC red and white Tianhuo skin.
    42:51 - Tian had the opposite problem that Velvet had with her magic system, but the solution is the same. Her magic recharge is now a set amount.
    43:19 - The change may be reverted soon, but right now Tian is gaining back a chunk of her magic when she lands a hit with her firecracker (to encourage people to use it to attack rather than to flee). It may be giving her a bit too much though.
    43:59 - Like Velvet, if you're being hit, your magic regeneration slows right down. Unlike Velvet, Tian can fly. Flying will freeze your magic refill so you can't just run away the whole game.
    46:02 - There will be burn marks left on the opponent, but they're cosmetic. There is no "burn damage" functionality.
    49:05 - You liars. Pom did not win Twitch Plays TFH. She was ROBBED by the FIENDISH smugdeer!
    49:42 - The devs don't know what the meta game is going to be yet. They hope every character will be viable, but that's really the goal of any fighting game dev.
    51:14 - Lauren Plays confirmed, no take-backs.
    51:27 - The characters have now been given the universal ability to grab while in the air. And it turns out that all the characters are just Filia in disguise. Twist of the century.
    53:34 - If Ole and Paprika teleport to each other at the same time, the devs are confident they will not form a black hole. The game has ways of dealing with that sort of calculation.
    55:38 - The game has cross-ups, but there's not really much in the way of dedicated cross-up mechanics, despite the characters being longer than the average fighting game character.
    57:29 - The team kinda wants there to be a graphical difference in the gifts given to different opponents by Paprika. Maybe a difference between predator and ungulate enemies?
    59:13 - Nappy doesn't know if he's going to give the shadow scouts supers at this stage, but we'll soon see I suppose. (Alteration, hooray!)
    59:28 - Speaking of the shadow predators, we have a new enemy! A big cat of some sort, perhaps a panther. This enemy is focused on quick, light attacks and teaching about cross-ups. The panther is slightly harder than the wolf, so it'll likely be less common. Next stream you should get your testers to have a wolf vs panther fight.
  10. Stunthead

    Stunthead Springbok when
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    PART 3
    0:00 - In this part we get to see some gameplay between Cam and Oreo. It's pretty refreshing to see them beating up something other than training dummies for once.
    1:58 - Paprika can choose specific items to throw from her Levl 2 super basket, but they cost 2 charges instead of just one as they would normally.
    2:51 - Jay didn't fully answer the question, but yes, they plan on adding more characters post release and post goat. Obviously they won't be able to make an 8th character without a bit of cash though, so it depends on how well the game sells.
    3:13 - They thought I wouldn't see the pun. They thought wrong.
    4:00 - Pom's bell jingles every so often when she gets hit.
    4:16 - So I just googled zone-tan... so now I know what zone-tan is... and... yep.
    4:33 - It seems like most of the future characters in TFH will be based on ideas from the old game. Obviously they'll be different characters with different personalities, but it'll be interesting to see what could have been.
    7:40 - The team seems pretty confident that they'll be making updates and bug-fixes post-release.
    8:37 - Story mode is one big story that involves all the characters, it isn't all the characters having separate stories. How much their arcs will cross over is yet to be seen.
    9:58 - Paprika will be able to teleport out of the picnic basket like she could in the previous game, though obviously the difference here is that you don't just fire the basket out as an item, you have to use a level 2 first. I wonder what the cost will be? Does the basket lose a charge when Paprika comes out? Does Paprika want to be an item? Is she gifting herself? Will she have her magic refunded if somebody eats her? Bow chicka wow wow.
    10:57 - Oleander does not steal meter when the opponent blocks the attack.
    12:20 - The team does not have an advertising budget. Jay speculates that it's where they'll probably put a lot of their initial profits. The sad truth about game development is that it really can fall down at any stage. We'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen, won't we?
    14:04 - You will play every release character at least once in story mode, and there will be times when you stop playing as a character and come back to them later. Which makes sense when you think about it, because if there's no back-and-forth it's basically just a fancier version of arcade mode.
    14:20 - There probably won't be story mode for every new DLC character, and if there is they'll have to think of some fun way to put it in. Heck, I don't know about you guys, but I'd be fine with waiting until we have six more characters and then making a brand new story mode for all of them. That's a crowdfund I'd give money to.
    15:35 - They don't have enough of a player pool right now to figure out who matches up well against who.
    16:07 - The team seems up for sending copies of the game out to Youtubers and streamers, but they don't want to be annoying or pushy about it. And they don't want us to be annoying or pushy about it either. (I do agree that they should send a copy to Super Best Friends Play though. They seem like the kind of guys who would be up for it).
    18:05 - They don't know how many players will be allowed to join a visual lobby at the same time, but they promise it'll at least be more than 8.
    19:12 - Oooooo Jay, you said the thing! I'm telling on you!
    19:33 - Jay tells a story about Lauren stalking for the work streams. It makes me happy that Lauren seems like she's a fan of this game like we are, watching streams and getting hype. It's nice. I feel like my money went to making Lauren happy.
    20:19 - The stages will probably not be unlockable, except maybe the final stage.
    20:44 - APPLE COW!
    21:07 - Lindsay suggests they lock the stage variations. The team seems to like the idea.
    21:25 - Counter hits just do damage and hitstun, they don't seem to have any sort of unique effect.
    21:52 - Merch gets a strong "Maybe." That seems to be the answer to most of these questions.
    24:38 - Damage scales differently on different moves, with normals scaling the most and supers scaling the least.
    26:38 - Jay, I'm pretty sure they were asking when the stream started. But yeah, it has been quite a ride, hasn't it?
    29:27 - Arizona does a magic counter, which Nappy says later that he always forgets to go over.
    30:37 - There's a possibility SonicFox will be able to join in on a stream at some point in the future, so keep an eye out for that.
    32:04 - Audio shorts probably aren't a terrible idea, though I imagine that's a thought for way into the future, not for now.
    33:15 - Arizona still has the magic cross-up. Player one does it just as the subject is being brought up.
    34:16 - The Magic system is a name carried over from the last game, but It'll probably be sticking.
    36:05 - Jay hoped to make the frame data easily accessible, but of course that's all time that could be spent making the rest of the game.
    37:34 - Every character will have a special "rope'd" state for when they get lassoed by Arizona.
    38:11 - Info on back tier rewards is a little bit delayed for the time being.
    38:39 - Well, looks like I'm not ascending to the great cosmos anytime soon. Don't let your streams be dreams.
    39:07 - No word on how many palettes they've made so far, but they describe the amount as a "scatter shot" across all the characters, so by the sounds of it they (or the backers) have been picking favorites. For shame.
    40:06 - The dogs can be moved during Pom's grab. The dogs can even be moved when you're being combo'd. They just can't attack.
    40:31 - Most (all?) of Velvet's icicles fire automatically.
    41:48 - This is why I like Jay. He says what he means and he means what he says. I'm sure he loves me though...
    42:30 - Personal note: I AM VERY TIRED IT'S 2AM OH GOD

    I feel like I didn't tell enough jokes this recap. So here, have the setup to a bonus joke. I'll tell you the punchline in the next recap. Don't look up the answer or you're nothing but a BIG FAT PHONY!
    I went to a zoo the other day that only had one dog.
  11. Rich Jammer

    Rich Jammer By the Numbers Accountant
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    I've heard this one, I don't need to look it up.
    #211 Rich Jammer, Mar 1, 2017
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  12. Tox

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    I have heard this one before XD it's a good one
    It was a Shih-zhu
  13. Avering

    Avering Pew-Pew
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    Oh yeah, before we forget, Lindsay mentioned PureRef as the program she uses for the reference images. Just so it won't get lost until Stunthead recaps.
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  14. Stunthead

    Stunthead Springbok when
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    It was a Shih Tzu.

    Thank you for stealing my joke, guys. And also misspelling it.

    200 SALT.jpg

    Anyway, wow, this thread has been stickied. That was a mistake. You guys have given me too much power. But thanks anyway, I won't let you down probably.

    MANE6 WORK STREAM #16 - MAR 24
    PART 1

    0:10 - The team shows off the "somewhat functional" main menu.
    0:42 - The icons change smoothly and immediately when you switch controller types.
    1:15 - The lobby selection menu is shown off. To answer a question from a previous stream, it looks like the lobby size is 18 (subject to change of course). Also the skill level is "how do I quickscope." This is probably a joke.
    1:32 - Again, this is probably a joke (and a placeholder), but at some point when I wasn't looking Velvet went from "spin in a circle" to "shake booty back and forth." I get self conscious about all the butt jokes sometimes, but c'mon, when the devs try to sneak that past you, you KNOW I gotta call them out on it. It is my civic duty.
    1:38 - Nice quick load into the pixel lobby. Also, Cam and Oreo show off the sweet BFF necklace. Or rather the two BFF necklaces, as they're separate items. It's Kawaii~
    1:56 - Lindsay comes strong out the gate with a pack a' puns.
    2:45 - You can change your accessories on the fly, and the other people in the lobby will see them change in real time. Nappy shows off a few of the items here. 3 slots right now. Head, neck and misc.
    3:12 - The UI for the wardrobe is just a placeholder, and it will look much better in the final version. Not that I don't appreciate the ability to TEAR A HOLE IN REALITY to put on a cute hat and scarf.
    3:23 - You can change your character from the wardrobe menu by hitting left and right.
    3:45 - The team is messing around with the ability to use voice chat while in a lobby. They actually have the feature working through the steam client.
    4:31 - While walking around, you can just approach someone and challenge them to a fight. It's just like real life!
    5:00 - More sounds have been added since last time, I think. FHTNG now roars during certain Oleander attacks.
    5:23 - You can voice chat during fights by holding your select button. They're also playing with the option of letting you hear the voice chat of people in the lobby while fighting. I think we can assume all these options can be turned off if wanted.
    6:20 - Cam be salty about his loss. Just look at that aggressive way he runs around in circles.
    8:02 - Tian is best dragon-horse-bird-snek-cat.
    9:36 - Oreo engages DOUBLE COW POWER!
    9:56 - The team is still exploring how cosmetics will be unlocked, whether it be by achievements or an in-game currency or whatever. Either way, they aren't going to be hard to get, cause who cares?
    13:39 - Now that the team is done showing off the dress-up RPG, it's into the fighting mini game we go. They've added some sweet hitswipe secondary effects, which are pretty basic right now but like everything they'll be polished up before release.
    16:25 - Velvet has slightly more colourful hitswipes. Some of her ice also has a really satisfying icy noise now.
    17:06 - Right now at least, these hitswipes cannot be changed by palette swaps. The colours work in a different way.
    19:57 - Nappy isn't sure if he showed Velvet's new aerial specials yet. Previous stream recap says he did, but if he forgot, you may have as well. Casuals, how have you not memorized EVERY WORD of these recaps by now?
    21:09 - The things that still need a lot of TLC are story mode details, Voice Acting, animation, connecting the menus to the actual content... generally all the technical stuff is finished or close to finishing, they just need to make it look pretty.
    22:44 - Delaying the release means delaying the beta. The beta is happening a month before predicted release date, so if the release date moves forward, so does the beta. No use sending out a beta that needs to be held together by duct tape to function, because you won't get any good feebdack from it.
    23:47 - The symbols on Ole's book don't say anything. Also, Ole has bright white hitswipes. It seems like the plan is to add a bit of blue to them.
    25:42 - Progress has been made on getting voice actors. Still no auditions yet though.
    25:48 - Fred has an ominous hum sound effect.
    28:01 - Paprika finally has a bit of animation. They still need to add an actual palette, so right now her neck is oddly black. It's hard to tell if the animations are final. It would seem a little odd to create brand new placeholders this close to release, so hey, they might be.
    28:35 - Paprika has acquired a new nickname: Fluffy Noodle!
    29:34 - Jay makes an animation pun so painfully good it earned a timestamp. He credits it to Rich Jammer, to the surprise of nobody.
    31:32 - Pom will be getting a few small changes to the property of her puppy puppets. A few set-ups were a little too nightmarish to fight.
    33:18 - I got a namedrop! And a thank you! And I got called a homie! (Thanks to Rich Jammer for bugging them to do that). "You're going to love this. Trust me. What you're seeing now is a normal namedrop..."
    34:15 - A part of Pom is going to floof up when she floats. They don't know what part yet, but it's gon' be cute.
    34:52 - Tianhuo has received a fiery swipe effect and a bit of re-timing for some of her moves.
    36:07 - Rather than blowing flames at the opponent's hooves, Tian's crouch heavy now is a slide that moves her closer to the opponent.
    36:23 - The hitboxes on Tian's jump heavy have changed to make the crossup a little less destructive.
    38:27 - Other general Tian tweaks, like the startup on some of her attacks being slowed a little, and removing a wall bounce from an attack and sticking it to the level 2 version instead, stuff like that.
    39:52 - The air throws don't have more than 2 frames of animation yet, but they at least don't turn you into Filia from Skullgirls anymore.
    41:24 - Spooky Oleander character pic top left.

    PART 2
    0:00 - I like the way Lindsay introduces herself at the start of her parts. Today she has some stage variations for us.
    0:37 - Pom's stage with no variations. Looks pretty complete, and the windmill ain't flying off anymore.
    1:09 - Team is keen to make the windmill spin faster when Velvet uses her wind magic.
    1:29 - Lindsay wants to find a way to make a tumbleweed roll across Ari's stage when nobody touches the controllers for a while.
    1:57 - Pom stage variation: A lovely sun-shower with a super subtle background rainbow.
    3:32 - Pom's stage... at night!
    5:01 - Lindsay is going to add some background characters for day time and a few scattered different characters for nighttime. She also wants to add fireflies. We don't have those in New Zealand. We have some cool glowworms though.
    5:25 - The team has definitely put thought into having different sounding hoofsteps depending on what texture the characters are walking on.
    5:59 - Arizona's stage has a little bit of animation now. During heavy hits, things sway in the background.
    6:57 - Arizona's stage... at night! Look at them stars. Gorgeous.
    9:22 - Tian being a light source is, again, a possibility the team is working on.
    10:19 - If you thought Paprika's stage was depressing before, just take a look at the rainy variation.
    11:10 - Jay reads out the awful pun I made in chat. "This is a Super Namedrop..."
    11:20 - Lindsay shows off the Alpaca background characters, including Salt Bae. Lindsay has nailed the super cute, super expressive Lauren Faust style.
    12:17 - The "Superjump" stage sounds like it's going to be for training. It's a secret for now.
    12:38 - Velvet's stage... at morning!
    13:20 - Lindsay has some placeholder slots for backer character stages, so it looks like they're going with the idea of shoving the backer characters into a big ol' non-canon stage. Probably for the best.
    13:39 - Velvet's stage... at PRETTIER night! Rein has an aurora variation, and there are so many colours!
    14:23 - The team umms and ahhs over whether or not Fœnum is the planet. I think Lauren stated in a previous stream that she thinks of Foenum more as a planet than a country, but I doubt she's set that in stone.
    15:40 - Lindsay talks about the possibility of the windows opening during a heavy hit as if the citizens are checking to see what all the noise is about. Lindsay inadvertently raises a really good lore question though... would the inhabitants of Fœnum see themselves as animals? I mean we don't really call ourselves animals, but then again our society isn't made up of multiple different species. Is calling someone an "animal" in this world even an insult? All these thoughts came flooding into my head when I first heard Lindsay say that and it made me laugh super hard because it was such a multifaceted insult.
    16:37 - No variations yet, but I think some work has been done on Ole's stage. Looks a lot more complete.
    16:55 - Lindsay tosses out the idea that the unicorns might force it to be day all the time in their forest. The Book of Lore implies that there is night, but that's always subject to change. It would be a good explanation as to why the unicorns are so crazy all the time. They've completely screwed their natural body clocks and have all gone INSANE!
    17:12 - Lindsay wonders if they could have a variation with some sort of eldritch horror in the lake. The "Ole version of Ole's stage." They worry about the implications this might have on the story, but one idea is to have a variation that appears when Ole isn't being played that has Fred in the water.
    18:50 - They may make more variations relating to the story mode later. "Some sort of predator corrupted version?" "An overrun version?"
    19:36 - No Tian stage variation yet, but Oreo explains the idea of red volcanic lightning and how that might be a weather effect they explore. Lindsay shows off some pictures of it.
    20:10 - The other idea was to have a Chinese New Year variation to Tian's stage. What it seems like Lindsay is doing is combining the two ideas, so that the lightning storm is something the Longma throw a festival for. Lots of tentative lore in this stream, huh?
    23:14 - As Avering mentioned above, Lindsay's roughing program is called PureRef. It's pretty swish.
    25:03 - Tian's stage has had a few updates, it gets shown off here. Little lanterns with fire in them sit in the background.
    28:05 - Right now the game is just over 1 gig in size, and that's without cutting out all the Skullgirls stuff still stuck on. It will not be a headache to install the game.
    32:00 - The team is going to be pushing the pixel lobby pretty hard as the primary, casual way of playing the game. They're trying to think of something to call it that better encapsulates what it is. The chat gets in on the action and starts coming up with ideas as well.
    34:53 - Jay be shaming those who didn't pay to get beta access. C'mon Jay, you and I both know that $40 USD is like $57 NZD. That's 17 extra dollars! I'm not made of money. Though it might help if I got a job.
    35:37 - These stream recaps have caused me to google a lot more inappropriate content than I thought they would...
    35:53 - On the other hand these recaps have caused me to learn a lot about ungulates. Ruminant-scape! Clever.
    43:10 - The team has been messing around with files for several minutes now, but the chat doesn't care, they're still content to just make puns. Truly the best of the fanbases.
    45:45 - Lindsay gets so into drawing multicoloured beads that she forgets to switch streamer. Them beads. So hypnotizing.
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    PART 3
    0:00 - For the next hour the team is going to do an absolutely wonderful job of showing off how fun this game is. More than anything else the team has put out, this little fighting session shows the absolute joy the game brings. Especially when SonicFox shows up. Oh, spoiler alert, SonicFox shows up.
    0:19 - The fightin' starts. The dynamic music system is on, but it's only Velvet's stage theme and the third round music doesn't work yet. Also Velvet's theme is tied to player 1 and Tianhuo's theme is tied to player 2, no matter what characters were selected. Definitely not how it will be in the final version.
    1:36 - New Challenger Approaching! It's professional competitive fighting game player SonicFox! He's a playtester for the game and he drops in to show us how it's done.
    2:02 - Jay and Lindsay meet Sonic for the first time, just like us.
    5:58 - Pretty cool Pom comeback.
    6:34 - The team is asked who their dream voice actor for the game is, they proceed to forget to answer. How rude. Clearly we are too good for these neglectful devs.
    6:54 - Tian perfects Pom as revenge for that clutch win.
    8:43 - Nevermind, Jay answers the question here. He would like Grey DeLisle to voice someone. Alright, you guys can go back to being best devs again.
    9:29 - SonicFox starts playing. It takes a little while, but when he starts getting into it he gets pretty hype.
    10:03 - Nice to see GGPO will let me play with people in other countries fairly smoothly. Not that I'll win anyway, but at least I can lose in GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION!
    10:49 - Sonic Fox likes Paprika's stage best of all.
    11:08 - The fun begins. Sonic starts gettin' hype, the team starts commenting on the match, it's sick.
    12:43 - There will absolutely be a tutorial, and the team wants to make it hands-on and interesting.
    17:15 - People in chat are getting so hype that moobot just starts blowing people up. It's a massacre.
    18:54 - SonicFox is an AGGRESSIVE fan of Velvet's design. It's nice to see the game's aesthetic is being appreciated by a serious fighting game player.
    19:54 - SonicFox shows off how Velvet's wind can be used in a real fight to great effect.
    21:55 - Literal kick the dog moment.
    23:05 - That feel when you make a reference to a New Zealand flavoured milk brand and nobody gets it. I got it, Jay. CalciYum is delicious. Oh, and this match is pretty intense by the way.
    25:20 - The game will definitely be balanced post release based on player feebdack. Not doing so would just be letting the game die.
    26:50 - Lindsay wants to remove the butterfly in Ole's stage because she doesn't know how to animate it. A practical solution. The team offers to help her figure the butterfly out though.
    29:59 - Uh... one of those skins is "Shoelace by Rich Jammer." I swear I've seen that skin before. Did you make that one, Rich?
    30:00 - The team talk about having an item that is given as a reward for playing against a dev. Then they think about having it spread like a virus, so anyone who has the item can "spread" it to someone else. It's a cool idea, but the worry is that the community is so small that soon everyone will have it. I'd still say go for it, though. It's a good way to connect people to the community, I think.
    30:15 - Back-dash has invulnerability
    32:48 - Puppy health is based on hit numbers, not damage numbers. 1 magic summon = 1 hit. The dad dog takes 4 hits.
    34:47 - Multi-hit moves will make the puppies disappear faster.
    35:38 - Sonic is briefly hypnotized by the chat.
    36:33 - Sonic really wants to smooch and lick Tian.
    38:19 - Backer created palettes are one of the last things on the to-do list, unfortunately.
    39:08 - Sonic STILL thinks Velvet is super cute.
    40:30 - The backer-exclusive palette is still undecided.
    41:13 - The people who created the backer items will automatically be given the backer item they made. If memory serves, it will have a sort of sheen to it or something. I wonder, will completing the unlock requirements for an item you made give you the NORMAL version of the item? That sounds like a thing to do. That way if your item is tied to an achievement, you still get a reward for completing the achievement.
    42:20 - Whether or not they have this game at major fighting game events depends on money and whether or not people were willing/able to go anyway. Events towards the East Coast are the most likely places you'll see this game pop up.
    46:39 - If the community doesn't want the devs to take part in tournaments, they won't take part in tournaments. The power is in our hands!
    49:49 - The game, before it increased the number of testers, had a bug report document littered with dumb 90's computer videos like "Don't copy that floppy" or "Friends learn Windows 95." Our devs are dorks. The best kind of devs.
    53:14 - Pom teabags so hard she turns into a cow.
    53:43 - There will be a bug report section on the forums. I hope there's one in-game as well, or at least connected to the steam forums. I don't expect that everyone will know these forums exist once the game hits public.
    54:31 - Rich Jammer suggested they call the visual lobby "Pomhub." The reaction is about what you would expect.
    55:39 - Whether or not the music is released on YouTube is up to the music guys.
    56:08 - Most level 1 supers are quarter-circle forward and two buttons, most level 2's are quarter-circle back and two buttons. I think that's what he said anyway. It was hard to hear over all the hype.
    57:01 - ANOTHER NAMEDROP! I asked how they were going to include all the variations on the backer reward CD, and the response was "With great difficulty." What they might end up doing is just making some of the tracks really long and arranged with all variations, rather than fill the whole thing with a different track for every variation. "And this... this is what is known as a Super Namedrop that has ascended past a Super Namedrop..."
    58:28 - The way the music works in this game is similar to how it works in Killer Instinct, but more tied to the characters. KI is just remixing the stage theme based on the things that are happening, this game personalizes the theme to the characters. Character was a hugely important element of the old game, and it's just as important here.
    1:00:31 - The stream is so hype it's hard to hear the answer to this question, but no, there will not be music variations based on palettes. That would be an insane amount of work.
    1:01:23 - QUAD NAMEDROP! I wondered in chat if it was possible for a future character to have a bit of singing in their character theme that gets remixed into the background. Vocal themes apparently aren't as well liked as regular music themes.
    1:02:21 - SonicFox accidentally makes fun of a backer palette, truly the worst devs.
    1:03:38 - SonicFox really wants to read. A strong moral message, truly the best devs.
    1:05:40 - Oh please Jay, I was literally in the middle of typing out a "Thank You" in Twitch Chat when you said that. So cynical.
    1:06:29 - Is SonicFox real life Paprika?

    Well that's the end of a pretty hype stream. Oh, by the way, remember ages ago when I said there was some quality to Lindsay's voice that I really liked? Well I learnt that quality is called... being from Michigan. Or Illinois. Or kinda around that bit of America. I didn't know it had anything to do with an accent, I thought it was just a strange vocal quality some people had. So congratulations people from that area, I think your accent is neat. See you next time.
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    Nope, that's not mine. My backer tier doesn't even have custom pallette in it. That must be a mistake or a test of some sort since Arizona's default skin says "Bombpop by Jabrony".

    Also, that skin showed up before in the below stream:
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    Name drops of the highest quality.
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    I'm still baffled about how negative people feel about vocals. Especially when they are in glorious engrish.

    I blame Indestructible.
  19. Redness

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    It feels so good to know that I got many questions answered last stream and that I was name dropped! :D
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    This is the end. My only friend, rear end the end.

    There's a lot of new people on this forum, so for those of you who don't know me, hello! I'm Stunthead, and in this thread I've recapped all the developer streams that can be found on the ManeSix DevTeam YouTube channel. If any of you have ever wondered about the lore of this game, or what all those crazy bars and numbers mean, take a browse through this thread and you might just find the answers. You will also find far more butt jokes than is healthy for any sane human being. But it's okay, because you only have to put up with me for a little longer, as this will be the final work stream until the game's launch. So... let's cap off the recaps, shall we?

    PART 1 (OF 1)

    0:00 - In case you missed it, we get another look at the main menu. Seeing things like this makes the game feel so real.
    1:29 - The quality and volume of the lobby voice chat has been improved.
    2:06 - You can select an option to "spectate next fight" on someone in the lobby. When they next join a fight, you'll automatically be added as a spectator, meaning you don't need to follow them around like a stalker to see those sweet combos.
    2:44 - Velvet shakes her butt for a long time. Actually, I have some distressing news. Last recap I said that the loading animation had been changed from a full spin to a booty shake. It turns out this was incorrect! The booty shake has been there since day one! I'm not sure if I should be proud or disappointed in myself for not realizing that for over a year. The booty shake was right under my nose the entire time and I didn't even see it!
    3:43 - Right now there is a limit of 4 spectators per match but they're looking to expand that in future.
    4:30 - The spinning Velvet in the loading screen might stay, but they want to add a few more characters if they can. No word on how much butt shakin' there will be in the final version.
    5:22 - Jay seems to imply they might be toning down the amount of purple in the lake in Oleander's stage. That's very low priority though.
    6:25 - Oreo is a double lizard.
    6:31 - While in the lobby, you can enter a single-player fight against an AI or Dummy opponent to configure your controls. This allows players to make the changes they want without having to back out and reconnect.
    7:57 - The character you have as your avatar in the overworld is not automatically defaulted to when you join a fight. The team thought about it (and they're still thinking about it) but it's so easy to change characters that it's really not that big a deal if they don't. It would be functionality for functionality's sake.
    8:57 - You can request training from players if you want to learn without the pressure of a real match. Hopefully this will encourage players to learn with others instead of hiding away in the training room by themselves. Training sessions can also be spectated.
    9:34 - The team would love to market. Unfortunately, they don't got no money. I'm sure they'll manage to figure something out though.
    10:24 - There will be plenty of controller support.
    10:49 - As for the beta specs, if you can run Skullgirls you can probably run this game.
    11:27 - Game crashed, game broke, literally unplayable, 2/10. (Seriously though, finding little breaks and crashes that were glossed over is going to be the job of the beta testers, so get ready to ruin everything!)
    12:31 - The lobby has voice chat based on position, so it gets quieter as they move away (as demonstrated here in a pretty funny way). Hopefully this will encourage people to approach each other to communicate, and it will allow groups far away from each other to have separate conversations.
    13:32 - A lot of the backer suggested accessories were completed a while ago, but because that's low on the priority list they won't all be ready for the beta. Also, for the moment, it looks like the accessories will remain an internal thing, and they will not interact with the steam inventory. It's up in the air if it's going to stay that way, but personally I think this would be for the best. When you add steam inventories and trading you can cause yourself a lot off issues with things like scammers and third party websites. I know it's good for the community, but virtual economies have a tendency to go a bit wrong. Maybe just keep the inventory personal.
    14:41 - Muting people is a breeze, it's currently in and working.
    15:18 - The team has tonnes of ideas for internal "events." This is all future speculation, though, so no promises yet.
    17:13 - The backer-submitted background characters are being worked on by Lindsay. Some may be in by release, some may be added later. I recall them stating in a previous stream that they might all be lumped into a great big non-canon area, but I don't know if that's still the plan based on how the devs phrase the explanation.
    17:56 - The default Paprika pallet has finally received a little love. It's much brighter and cleaner than when we last saw it.
    18:28 - Before, if you got someone into a techable knockdown, they would be able to tech out straight away. Now there's a slight window of time where they will not be able to tech, which gives players a second to scope out the situation.
    19:34 - Paprika has a bunch of new get-hits. Fluffy noodle to the nth degree.
    20:52 - Paprika smiles even when knocked down. She's so happy all the time that they didn't even need to make some of the sad mouth expressions for her.
    23:22 - Paprika can now jump out of her picnic basket, destroying the basket but also launching the opponent into the air where they can be combo'd.
    25:52 - Fluffy noodle has a "spiral through the air" get-hit animation now.
    26:41 - Plot Twist: Jay is Porky Pig
    29:53 - It seems we have a fellow butt aficionado in the twitch chat! But it's true, that Paprika crouch pose is very cute. Paprika is more dog-like than some of Pom's pups.
    30:15 - When Lauren was naming the files on the original Paprika drawings, she called her "Tallulah." I wonder what the other characters were called in their prototype form, if anything?
    32:55 - There will not be voices for the beta, but they're working on it.
    35:36 - Pom no longer has a height restriction on her float. She can float down as soon as she gets off the ground, which I guess is a bit like a short hop?
    35:57 - Pom has a new standing medium. I think this means the death of her adorably weird little dig attack, though. Unfortunate. That was always my favorite. It's such a silly attack to do in a fight, it was perfect for Pom.
    38:38 - Tianhuo now has a very wiggly, very snek new idle animation. It's still not done, they plan on fixing up the speed and the pallet issues, but hey, at least it matches her crouch. RIP butt-to-camera idle, you will be missed.
    42:13 - They hope to add some flaming fetlocks to Tianhuo.
    42:55 - Nappy goes over the predators we've already seen (the wolf and the panther thing). New predators are revealed in this stream a little later.
    43:15 - Velvet is going to be getting one new move, which they weren't able to finish for this stream.
    45:12 - The predators are obviously still placeholder, but they will be shadowy in the final version.
    47:32 - SNEK slithers in! But not a horse-snek this time... a SNAKE snek! The snake spits projectiles all over the place and has a very long reach. If you can power through and get up close, though, you can manage them.
    49:22 - AI Arizona is not putting up with any of the snake's shiznit. They demonstrate the proper way to approach an enemy that spams projectiles.
    51:27 - The AI has not been worked on much for a while, so Arizona still seems to be the best. No Snek v Snekhorse just yet.
    52:03 - Don't you hate it when you're trying to have a casual conversation and suddenly you get distracted by a BEAR? Yeah, a big bear is the fourth new predator. Big, armored, hard hitting, has a grapple, the bear is pretty much a miniboss.
    54:03 - The bear is going to be way less common, and maybe just guard important or desirable items. But if I must fight a bear to get a cute hat, I damn well will!
    55:16 - Scary skynet cow vs Nappy Bear.
    57:24 - Nappy compliments the AI, forgetting for a moment that it's an AI. Nappy weirds himself out and aborts the test.
    57:45 - The game's "boss fights" (other than the final boss of course) could just be a multi-character fight, or a scripted "defeat all the predators" section.
    58:13 - Nappy tosses around the idea of a horde mode where you fight predators until you die. He thinks that would be an interesting alternative to survival mode. I was under the impression that fighting predators was what survival mode already was, but I guess in that case it must be a fight against the other playable characters.
    59:54 - There will be a non-playable final boss, just in case you didn't trust me when I said so earlier. Which I wouldn't blame you for.
    1:00:00 - The team doesn't know whether post-goat characters will be free or not. It depends on how the game sells. They'll worry about that after release.
    1:00:54 - Looks like the team hasn't fully decided on the final boss design yet, but Lauren has sent them a few designs that they're going to have a look through. Seems like a lot of the single player stuff has been put on the back-burner. Hopefully they get it all done in time. (Not that I have a problem with waiting, but there's only so much money, of course). Nappy is looking at ways of approaching the boss fight other than just plonking down a massive sprite with a bunch of armour frames.
    1:03:34 - Nappy is ambushed by the sheep cult. Fun fact, this is how I indoctrinate new members of The Pom Patrol.
    1:06:07 - Velvet with salt on her head looks silly.
    1:06:39 - Cam makes a pun in the game chat. Actually, I made a theory a while ago in an old thread that the Bison in Fœnum live nearby the Alpaca. Paprica is a charge character. You know who else is a charge character? M. Bison! That's right, theory confirmed, 100% legit canon, I am a genius.
    1:06:52 - The game will have a ranked mode. The visual lobby is just one way to play.
    1:07:29 - The team plays some matches, nothing new is shown off for the rest of the stream, but they do answer some more questions.
    1:08:07 - The team is able to add a profanity filter, but they obviously can't control the online voice interactions. If someone wants to be a jerk, that's on them.
    1:09:26 - The way backer background characters are going to work, as mentioned earlier, are still being thought about. Jay thinks that if they're included in the normal stages, they should be toggleable. For what it's worth (nothing), I agree.
    1:10:19 - The Poms send their puppy parades at each other at the same time. Adorable pain ensues.
    1:11:55 - You can hit the puppies as long as they're moving or attacking. If they're stationary, they're IMMORTAL DOGGOS!
    1:12:36 - For the beta, all the cosmetics will probably be unlocked. In the full game they'll be locked behind achievements and other systems, or at least the team hopes.
    1:14:23 - Like I said, last work stream. "Officially" the last at least. There'll more than likely be more streams in future for different reasons. The team confesses it isn't much of a party, with people sick and away, but they've all just been working really hard on the game.
    1:16:24 - The idea of the "magic meter" unique resource was something the team came up with, and the basic functionality has carried over from the previous project, just with changes and improvements.
    1:18:15 - I suggest a Springbok character. Again. Jay says "Springbok" in a South African accent. Again. Jay says that goat will be the next character, probably followed by some kind of grappler. And then after that a Springbok, right guys? Right?
    1:19:46 - I let Jay know that this is the third time he's responded to me suggesting a Springbok in the exact same way. I think we might both be robots, because we're certainly pre-programmed like them.
    1:21:51 - I'm from New Zealand too, and I can confirm that not teaching your children who the All Blacks are in this country is a punishable offence.
    1:22:48 - Jay acknowledges that a playable light magic unicorn would be a cool idea. Apparently, in Lauren's words, each of the characters has something that separates them from their society, so having someone more dyed-in-the-wool would be interesting. Meanwhile Oreo supers a puppy. The monster.
    1:24:41 - The beta NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is discussed. The team predicts that on the first day or two there will be some major connectivity and functionality issues, and the devs would like a chance to patch those up before people start releasing streams and videos to the wild. Don't want to give the game an early reputation of being buggy and broken, after all. They don't know how long the NDA will be for, but it would only be a few days max. After that, they're fine with people doing whatever.
    1:25:59 - The beta will be released through steam.
    1:27:26 - Lauren is working on the story mode. The outline is done by now, and they're breaking it down bit by bit and working out the little details. Jay assures us that it's actually super long. Lauren is used to writing TV shows, so writing for a game is a whole new beast. Still, she seems like she's having fun with it, which is always good to hear.

    So... I guess that's it for the work streams. If the devs ever stream anything else in the future, I'll be ready to recap it. Until then, thank you for reading, and I hope you all have fun at release! Ka kite ano.
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    I still find amusing that Tian got a new idle before Oleander.

    The wiggle will last FOREVER!
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    Lindsay the background artist did a stream where she designed a bunch of backer characters and... did other things I guess? I don't know, I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure as heck gonna recap it. This one is not on YouTube, and I doubt they're going to put it there, so if you want to see it you can watch it on the Twitch archive.

    PART 1

    0:00 - Lindsay plans on doing a silent stream. On screen is a few horsie poses, as well as a panel of art off to the left that shows the bases Lindsay is working from.
    4:47 - Lindsay turns her mic on to answer questions, much to the joy of the universe. It's a shame she didn't turn it on 14 seconds sooner, because then I could have made a John Cage reference.
    6:00 - Oreo joins the party.
    6:49 - Lindsay thinks there's about 15 characters left to draw, and there was 31 total.
    7:03 - They talk about a few sketches that are already finished. One is a male bearded unicorn that Lauren suggested get a different body from the "female" body, and the other one is a robot pony that Lauren ended up designing. So congrats to whoever submit that character, you got it redone by Lauren herself. There's also a little dragon fellah in between them. It's revealed later that Lauren did this sketch too.
    7:56 - Finished characters get shown off. There's a giraffe based on a G1 character "Creamsicle" ("Giraffe"), a kelp pony in a pirate hat ("Kelpie Brine"), a brown Pegasus ("Tranquil Cloud"), the finished version of the robot ("Turing Test"), a yellow pegasus ("Shooting Star"), a wolf submit by Oreo ("Oreo"), a blue sheep ("Shorna"), and a brown cowboy horse ("Silver Dollar"). So that means there's 15 to draw, 8 finished and 8 that are in an in-betweeny kinda stage. They're all super cute. Though for the sake of canon I do hope they're turned off by default. I don't think it would make much sense for a robot or a wolf to just be hanging out, now would it?
    10:54 - They show off some of the unicorn sketches, and they discuss where they're going to be placed where they won't clash thematically.
    12:24 - Lindsay starts drawing Goggle Sparks, a pink unicorn with goggles. She chats with Oreo about the role of background characters and how they shouldn't overpower the foreground characters.
    15:59 - In a shocking twist, LINDSAY asks a question! She wonders if the unicorns in this universe have a magic glow around their horns. Oreo says he doesn't know what the canon is, and it's something they'd have to ask Lauren.
    17:39 - Chat asks if Unicorns in this universe actually possess much magic, and Oreo isn't sure. He says that they don't know how often unicorns in this universe use magic, whether they use it all the time for everything they do or if they just use it for the necessary stuff.
    26:33 - Chat asks if there are population control problems without predators, seeing as prey animals evolved to reproduce quickly. Oreo makes a Half Life 2 reference. In chat, the Mane6 account mentions that overpopulation is not an issue for a sapient species.
    29:57 - Closeup on that little dragon dude sketch from earlier. No name yet.
    36:24 - "How much will the backer characters be animated?" All backer characters will be given a blink at least. As for the background characters, the ones very far away will be quite static, the ones more forward will be moving around a bit. They also want to implement following eyes, so that they can watch the action. Lindsay has a background sheep eating flowers, and wants to animate them chewing.
    41:11 - Goggle Sparks has their sketch completed!
    42:52 - Lindsay starts work on Vesper Rime.
    47:52 - "Butts are incidental."
    49:32 - There will be a sheep painter in one level called "Baaab Floss."
    57:20 - Pom is just a lamb, which is why she isn't a big puffball like the rest of the sheep background characters. I guess this means Pom is going to look like a big pink cloud when she's grown up.
    58:44 - Lindsay shows off some non-backer background characters, starting with the dogs and the sheep. There's some real cuties.
    1:00:36 - Lindsay shows how these characters will look in the stage once it's done.
    1:02:30 - We get to see the characters in Velvet's stage too.
    1:03:53 - The characters in each stage will change depending on what stage variation is picked, and they'll also get a slightly different colouring.
    1:06:41 - Vesper Rime is all sketched out.
    1:06:46 - The team has been focused on back-end stuff and functionality recently. Once that's complete, they'll move on to finishing up the music.
    1:10:05 - Lindsay beings work on SGTbrony (Which we can assume is the name of the creator, not the character.)
    1:20:36 - Chat asks what species Lindsay would be in the TFH universe, Lindsay says sheep.
    1:25:00 - Lindsay finishes work on SGTbrony
    1:26:01 - The image they are reacting to is this fanart here.
    1:26:19 - Lindsay's favorite TFH character to draw is (tentatively) Paprika. Stretchy and poofy.
    1:30:15 - Lindsay starts on Rich Jammer's character, Buffalo. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
    1:41:48 - Oreo is verbally impressed when he sees the Bull with a biker jacket and sunglasses.
    1:42:12 - Lauren specifically told Lindsay not to include non-backer background cows, because she didn't want her family to see her fight "or something." There's two versions of The Prairie, one with a campfire, one without. It's to signify that, while Arizona is still in the Prairie, she's far from home. Interesting stuff.
    1:45:24 - Someone's mouse deer OC is shown off.

    PART 2
    0:00 - After a short picnic, the stream comes back.
    7:47 - For context, the question previous Mane6 commented that Lindsay was the "best new hire." Someone then commented asking who was the worst new hire, speculating that it was Lauren. I suppose I don't need to provide context considering the only way to watch this is on Twitch but... whatever.
    9:17 - Backstory on how the team came together to work on the original project.
    9:34 - Backstory on how Mike Z ended up giving them the Z engine.
    12:49 - Lindsay explains an in-joke about a backer character who is just a bongo that they made with a sign on it's head saying "Don't Have Reference." The story is that one backer submit "Don't Have Reference" for every slide in the answer sheet. Oh and hey, a Bongo is a type of antelope! I suppose that's close enough to a springbok to satisfy me FOR NOW...
    16:25 - Lindsay starts work on the character Jaeger.
    20:21 - Lindsay would like a Giraffe character. The more I watch these streams the more I'm convinced that a giraffe will be happening sooner rather than later.
    29:38 - I'm not sure how in the know Lindsay and Oreo are in this aspect of the game, but by the sounds of it, some decisions are currently underway regarding voice acting. If Oreo is right, they haven't finalized the VAs yet, but that means they at least have some people under consideration.
    35:18 - Lindsay finishes Jaeger.
    40:24 - Lindsay starts work on Gossamer Fleece.
    41:11 - "I guess that'll be the one that... is just the butt. That's me." ~ Lindsay, 2017.
    43:59 - Lindsay says she's been drawing since about fourth grade (about 17 years). In New Zealand we would call that "Year 5."
    1:03:50 - Lindsay finishes work on Gossamer Fleece.
    1:04:37 - Chat asks why Lindsay is so amazing. Her answer is "Iunno. I'm just some nerd. *Amazing laugh.*"

    You can probably tell I cut out a lot of the idle chit-chat that didn't directly provide info on the game, but if you want to hear the team talk about narwhals or sausage, you can watch the full thing on Twitch. We got some good stuff out of this stream, for how casual it was. Take care.
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    I've said before and I'll say it again. Your dedication is impressive.
  24. Anukan

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    ... isn't as much of an issue for sapient species.

    Here we could go on the specifics on it, and people could bring up real life arguments about overpopulation... then we slide into how population is controlled, and eugenics and whatnot, but honestly, at that point it's just overthinking it.

    The basic point is, it's been a loooooong while since predators were around. Cattle and sheep have a standard "earth" life-cycle (Read: relatively short. Tian's probably been around since way before Ari's great great great^10 grandma was). Alpacas live in an unforgiving environment that's constantly trying to kill them. Unicorns and Longma are very long lived, and thus, biological functions are counted in decades. Reindeer are the ones for which the lack of a natural predator and the free healthcare courtesy of the elves could be considered an argument for overpopulation... and if you look at the lore we've seen so far, you'll see they're the civilization with the largest capital city, and the metropolis feel to 'em.

    And still, sapience means that instincts aren't the first or foremost directive to guide actions. Ungulates have developed a variety of interests other than eating and... considering Britain... all day.

    In the end, Foenum seems to be getting along just fine so far.

    We've made a final pre-selection of VAs we want to go with. Once they're all signed, we can make proper announcements.
  25. Rich Jammer

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    Hmmm, interesting but I'll ignore this because of this statement:


    Lol, just kidding around.
  26. TheWalrus

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    In a pinch it'd be easy to handwave any of this with the Bearded Prophet having foresight enough to realize what her plan for banishing the Predators could entail (prophets usually make prophecies afterall) and warn everyone about it (prophets usually do proselytizing afterall).

    Pushing the "prophet" angle a bit further, there would be some kind of "Tables of Law" with "Commandments" for living in a world without Predators.
  27. OCisbestungulate

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    How many are there? ;)
  28. Rich Jammer

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    Terrible pun incoming...

    The Tian Commandments
  29. Stunthead

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    I'm alive. Why?
    No YouTube for this one, so I'm recapping the twitch stream. Chat is on screen and there's no talking, so I'll also be recapping chat for once.


    0:00 - This stream has barely begun and already Lindsay is looking at dik pics.
    1:06 - Lindsay brings up the WIP of one of the drawings she's working on today... a serene picture of all the ungulates living together in harmony. The pictures she's working on today, as explained later, will be used in the prologue of the story mode. So... spoilers.
    1:36 - Second WIP picture, a reindeer, rhino, and I think a zebra, fighting a bear wolf and a snake.
    3:20 - Lindsay shows off some completed intro art. It's a scary wolf attacking a cow.
    3:29 - Second completed art: An evil badger and some kind of weasel.
    4:35 - Someone says "Badger," three separate people immediately respond with "MUSHROOM!" Good to know people still remember the classics.
    7:15 - Lindsay thinks that a digital artbook for the game would be pretty cool.
    9:36 - The team was tempted to add the sheep bookmark from this image to Fred's in-game model but it would have been too distracting.
    17:10 - Lindsay starts some music by linking to Icy Deer's YouTube videos of the stage music/variations.
    18:12 - As Avering learns, pluralizing "Anu" is a bad idea.
    46:41 - Most updates are polish and code cleanup, which isn't fun to watch, which is why there haven't been any work streams for a while.
    1:03:56 - While having the standard "TFH in another genre" discussion, one of the dev team mentions that, if anything, they would go for a TFH 4X. (Though remeber this is still just hypotheticals).
    1:13:06 - Rich Jammer goes to sleep. Remember this. It will be important later.
    1:19:19 - Regarding VAs, Lindsay says she "Really likes who they went with for certain characters" and she's "excited to see the community's response." What this means I have no idea, but something tells me we may be getting a few curve balls.
    1:24:41 - ManeSix staff member (Anu, I think?) is very happy with who they got to voice Fred.
    1:29:15 - Chat was offscreen for a bit, which made me think my job was easier, but alas, Lindsay scrolls up to show the missed messages.
    1:29:22 - One of the missed messages shows that the core dev team, including Lauren, were the ones who picked the voice actors.
    1:29:48 - RednessQuaver says "StuntHead, Say that I said this to you in your next recap, This was a meaningful conversation."
    1:41:42 - This is a good time to mention that those incomplete WIP thumbnail/mockups kinda explain what the intro's story is. Basically a recap of the game's lore, with the species living in harmony, then the predators become unmanageable, so they rise up against them and banish them. Then the different types of ungulates all go their separate ways and form clans.
    2:01:22 - Lindsay seems to have finished the battle scene picture.
    2:05:17 - I ask if Lauren is going to have to stick to Lindsay's designs for the different ungulate species, Lindsay assures me that Lauren is probably going to stick to her own ideas.
    2:06:42 - Lindsay starts working on the image of the ungulates living in harmony that she showed off earlier in the stream.
    2:06:36 - I make the suggestion for a Springbok, as I always do, and Lindsay looks up pictures of them. A small victory, but I'll take it.
    2:14:39 - The backer characters still need lighting adjustments and re-positioning, they'll fit better in the final product.
    2:24:15 - I make an awful joke and a few people laugh.
    2:27:19 - I make an awful follow up joke and nobody laughs :olliesad:
    2:44:39 - The team implies that the Longma Empress is really, really... long. I think they joked in a previous stream about Longma society being ruled by the longest 'ma.
    2:47:42 - It is revealed to me that Paprika's character theme has already been released. You can listen to it here on Stuart Ferguson's website. Just scroll down a bit.
    2:50:32 - Shut up, past Stunthead! I already did! Jeez, the nerve of that guy...
    3:33:44 - According to Beta, RC88 composed all the music, but Whitetail did Oleander and maybe Pom's character themes. They aren't certain though.
    4:10:10 - The reason the characters in her illustrations don't have eyes is because they're supposed to be representative of all characters, not anyone specific. They're like silhouettes.
    5:19:41 - Damn it Quaver, I already gave you a shout out.
    5:46:09 - The art for the intro, in some parts, is influenced by the style of Mary Blair. The style reference in the lower left is her work.
    5:56:45 - ILLEGAL HORSES!
    6:57:53 - Update: I have since received my Vive and I got it set up yesterday. But instead of playing with it I'm sitting here doing this...
    6:58:40 - Stream over, the picture she's working on still isn't done but it's coming along nicely.
    6:59:10 - Rich Jammer has woken up and returned. We were sitting there and watching Lindsay draw long enough for someone to get a night's rest.

    I didn't just get lazy partway through, by the way, there was just less stuff to recap as time went on. That's the way it goes sometimes. Having no audio was nice though, it's way easier to read and skip ahead than it is to sit and listen.
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    That guy seemed annoying. :olliesilly:
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    Alright so we're doing something a little different this time. Lindsay did another art stream, but there was no voice and the chat wasn't being displayed on screen. So for once, since the video probably isn't going to be put on YouTube, this is going to be a chat recap. Don't I spoil you?

    PART 1
    0:00 - Before we jump over to chat though, take special note of the Mane6 Discord's art channel description. "Now Rated R-18 for underwea..." Pervy devs confirmed for sending each other pictures of the characters in underwear. How lewd. They should keep it age appropriate and just draw pictures of the characters naked, as they were meant to be.
    1:09 - A brief, accidental glimpse at the placeholder art of the ungulates putting the predators into The Hold.
    1:12 - The picture Lindsay works on today is the intro art of the different ungulates splitting up and going to all the different biomes. This is the only art piece she works on this stream, so if you're just here to see the art, you can skip ahead to the end of the second part to see the (almost?) completed drawing.
    24:37 - Lore time! Anu says that a species "either has magic or they don't." Unicorns and Longma have magic. Reindeer cheated and got the magic oats, but they only work for them, and only for ice magic.
    27:03 - "Oleander changed her flavour of magic by making a pact with FHTNG, but she still needed magic to start with. If say, Pom or Arizona tried to read the book, it would only drive 'em insane. IF they could read it at all. It's not written in standard foenician."
    30:01 - Apparently, due to their status as hybrids, Longma encounter problems with making more Longma.
    34:17 - The Longma army looks out for the return of the predators and other threats to Huoshan.
    24:40 - Lifespans of the different species: Longma > Unicorns >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else.
    36:10 - This was an idea they mentioned a while ago that it looks like they've stuck with: the Empress of the Longma is the longest of Longma, and is the only Empress the Longma have ever had. Anu calls her "Empress Longestma" but that might just be a joke.
    37:26 - There's a few internal sketches of the Empress, but nothing public.
    38:26 - Jay apparently made a map of Foenum but it needs revisions to make everything the right size.
    42:52 - The ice sprites grow and distribute the golden oats, the reindeer don't know how they're grown or where they get them.
    45:33 - Ice Sprites don't care much about other ungulates, they just like their Reindeer pets.
    49:18 - Pom was named about 4 hours before the start of the crowdfund.
    51:02 - The team has recorded a few possible goat names in the announcer script, so they don't have to call the announcer back just for one character. Nothing is set in stone yet.
    52:50 - Anu reiterates how happy he is with the voice they have for FHTNG. I'm curious to see who it is.
    56:25 - Ironically, Anu says that they'd probably be obliged to step in and issue a C&D to any fanmade games based on TFH. Lawyers don't like those kind of things existing.
    59:20 - Ice Sprites have no feet, it even says so on the character reference sheets.
    1:11:10 - Anu is in charge of achievement names, and promises groan-worthy puns.
    1:24:28 - Looks like Paprika's theme was originally planned to have pan flutes, but RC88 came up with something better.
    1:24:37 - D'aww, nice to see somebody is missing me in chat.
    1:34:54 - Lindsay jokes about the Zebra she's drawing being Guile, because of his hairstyle. About a minute later she draws a little American flag on his shoulder.
    1:50:43 - The main currency of Reine is salt. And apparently, whatever Reine accepts as the standard is basically the standard everywhere. It's just like America.
    1:51:58 - On the rare occasions that Alpaca come down from Huacaya, they use a trading system as exchange. Mainly using their wool.
    1:56:15 - Anukan posts a link. The link is now dead. I'm pretty sure it was more to do with that Foenecian ARG thing that happens on this forum sometimes.

    PART 2
    1:33:07 - WOW not a lot happened in this part. Anyway, Lindsay has finished as much of the drawing as she was planning on finishing.
    1:34:38 - Lindsay turns the background colours on so we can see the picture in all it's glory.

    Some good lore stuff in this stream. Hopefully next time I do one of these, it'll be in celebration of a major content update, like voices or trailer release. The game is so close, I can almost taste it.
  33. ty4brawl

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    Glad to have made it to this one, even if I wasn't there for the whole thing.
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  34. Anukan

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    Ohgood, a recap.

    It's nice to know what I actually said. Seems a thing I thought I had talked about I actually didn't. Yay for ghost memories.

    I still have the image that header refers to. @ltowns probably does as well. Not sure if she wants to post it or I should. Or neither.

    I'll even give you a linear comparison of the cast's ages.


    Their expected lifespans and maturity rates, however, differ according to species. A "wise elder" for the Cattle or Sheeple would in linear years be a youngling to the Longma, but already have kids and grandkids by the time a longma would end early childhood. If you were to order them by the "maturity" stage in their species lifespans, you'd get


    Although Oleander is technically "older" than Velvet and Paprika, she's just out/in the tail end of unicorn puberty*, while both Reindeer and Alpaca are considered "young" adults in their individual communities and species.

    *She was 13 when she married pact'd with Fred, and 26/27 by the time of the game's plot.

    Her title is "Daughter of Heaven, Her Royal Highness, Empress of the Minuscule yet Mighty Realm of Magnanimous Magma, Lava and Fire, Huoshan".

    Similar to the real-world rules we got inspired by for the Longma culture, the proper form of address towards the Empress is "Daughter of Heaven" (succession hasn't made it necessary to apply a "Son of Heaven" equivalent yet. Obvious reasons) or "Fiery Highness". When referring to the Empress and not using her whole title, "Empress of Ten Thousand Years" is the customary way.

    There aren't many ungulates, Longma or otherwise, who know her "proper" name. Less than what you could count in one Longma's hooves that could or would use it. Her birth name's only known to herself and her ancestors.

    I asked if anybody objected to me showing that map. Nobody did. (Of course, I asked when nobody was on, but why split hairs?), so here's an upscaled version of the map I added unofficial political borders and capitals to.

    world map.png
    More like "the known" world of Foenum, really.​

    and one just raw.

    world map2.png

    You can probably see why Reine city is such a metropolis, and is considered the cultural and economic (and almost literal) center of Foenum. You can also see that when the "minuscule" Huoshan matches the size of Rein, we got some scale issues we need to consider. At some point, I'd like to hire an artist who specializes in fictional cartography to help us make a properly sized and properly canon map of the "known world of Foenum", but for now, y'could call it a rough-ish guideline or early attempts at cartography. Think of the Da Ming Hunyi Tu or similar.


    #234 Anukan, Jan 23, 2018
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    I can't stop looking at that map and thinking of this:


    Who knows what terrible things live in Fœnum's Dark Continent?
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    Really good info here.
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  37. Tunnel_Rhino526

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    I can see keepers homes thanks to the borders. Red for Arizona, Blue for Velvet, Orange for Tianhuo, Pink for Pom, and Purple for Oleander. Can't seem to find Paprika's home country though.
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  38. Korencz11

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    If I remember correctly, the Alpacas are nomadic, so they'd be moving around all the time, thus not really having a 'country' of their own. You know, provided they don't inhabit that island to the left of moo territory with the suspicious tiny red dot.
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  39. SmokeRulz

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    This is correct. They're always-travelling nomads, though presumably they stick to certain areas (probably mountainous ones), they never settle down in one place for too long.
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    Ooooo, maps! So is the orientation more like the UN map, looking on to 'Planet Foenum' from above with north at the centre?

    Also, where are the beaches for the beach episode? :aricool: :olliecool:
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