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Level 3 Super Wishlist

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Velvementary, my Deer.
Backers' Beta Tester
Oct 18, 2016
I unfortunately missed the stream showcasing the level 3 supers, but I just watched it on YouTube and... wowser, I love all of them! Pom's easily won my favorite. That being said, there were some tweaks outside of the obvious fixes that I hope are either implemented or at least considered. I posted all of this in a YouTube comment already but I wanted to share it here as well.

Oleander's is almost perfect, I love everything about it except when the actual demon clap happens. It happens so quickly that it doesn't really transfer the idea of how much sheer power is behind it. After Oleander poses, I feel there should be a bit more wind up before her opponent is crushed.

Tianhuo's animation seems very long for what it is. From dropping down, to charging to the side of the screen, dragging them up the wall, flurry-attacking the opponent and finally doing the finisher takes about 16-17 seconds altogether, which is pretty significant for a move that isn't even a guaranteed kill. Compare this with Arizona's which only takes about 6-7 seconds to execute. The only other supers to come close to this time are Pom's at 15 seconds or Oleander's at about 12-13 seconds, and I have to admit I'm a bit more biased towards these supers because of their attempt to tell a story within the attack, whilst Tianhuo's is just a very flashy series of attacks. Theres a few ways I can think of going about this, from speeding up the intro to have the enemy dragged up the wall faster, cutting out the flurry of attacks entirely given they are a minor feat compared to the dive nuke, or speeding up the dive to the ground. Runtime aside, I'm actually a sucker for these kind of attacks.

Velvet's super greatly reflects her character and I love it, but I'm torn between thinking whether she's participating in the sculpting as well or commanding the sprites what to do with gestures thanks to how close she is to the ice block. If she's sculpting, there could be a bit more emphasis on her movements, and if she's commanding, we'd just need a voice line to clarify that (which I know aren't recorded yet.) and maybe have some more space between her and her masterpiece.