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Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

Who is best ungulate?

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Feed b ack
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
Coming in with a tiebreaker of sorts, in favor of Paprika. As good as it is to see that apparently every character is just about equally beloved........we still need to find out who's really the best, right? Hopefully just about every user has voted by now, including Mane 6 themselves.
Not sure. If I added right it's 93 votes. I don't know how many active posters and lurkers there are, but I thought it'd be more than that. :/


HOLAS: (tm)
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Ship02: Ur
Oh my...

I've seen this thread in the forums for a while and I just assumed it was the one that was made a year(?) ago. But now that I know otherwise, it seems like there is juat a big fuzzy ball of misunderstandings and misinformation around here.

You see, the idea of a poll is that people need to pick one out of multiple choices to obtain data regarding the popularity of one choice or about the persons tastes using their pickings as a base. But this one here is just a regular old questionnaire, that has one right answer and several wrong ones that people seem to have misclicked on for some reason. It's a silly mistake (one surprisingly common on this forums) but worry not, I aim to be as helpful as possible in my limited free time so allow me to educate you all about the correct answer to this question. That of course being, Velvet.

I know some of you have been struggling with this question, and let me tell you, do not feel bad about it! Not everyone can pass this test on the first try and it's obvious that one requires a certain level of study about the life on this fictional world in order to reach that oh so coveted right answer. After careful and joyful observation regarding Fœnum's residents one can easily see the factors that make this glorious ungulate specimen stand out above the others.

1) She's cute
2) She's elegant
3) She's smug
4) She's cool
5) She's fluffy
6) :Velvet:

I know it's not an easy road, but I'm sure you'll eventually reach to the right conclusion like I did. So don't give up!

read: I never played as a zoner before but smugdeer is fun and looks like a salt dispenser.