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Is there a suggestions topic? And a TfH Discord?

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by indie_animator, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. indie_animator

    indie_animator Active Member

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    Didn't see a stickied topic & tried a forum search, but was curious.

    I hope to suggest something for the Tutorial. Trying to clear it despite playing fighters for decades.

    And wasn't sure where the Discord is.

    Maybe I'm the only new person here currently, ha.
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  2. CamTSB

    CamTSB 死の匂いか?
    Staff Member Mane6 QA

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    It would be better to have a suggestions area in the main discussion area as opposed to the beginner forum, but there is no set thread for just feebdack. People mostly make new threads in there for that. We also have a feebdack section in the Discord server that you mentioned which is linked to in this thread.