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Introduce yourself

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Firekirby, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Kastor

    Kastor Active Member

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    I've been here for a while now so this is overdue. I'm Kastor, THE MAD LAB COW! (I'm actually a "mad cow" irl, born in England, moved to New Zealand and now they wont let me give blood because of the massive outbreak that killed much of England's livestock can apparently be transmitted to humans.)

    I work on high end Arizona tech. I know some weird stuff about her that even bubbleboots doesn't (though vice-versa is also true). But I'm pretty bad at the act of actually playing fighting games, though in theory I'm one of the best cows (I stress in theory, I can't actually beat people, I just know how to)
  2. VendiMANS

    VendiMANS the city of Buenos Aires has burned to the ground!

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    Well, better late than never
    Another argentinian Tian-main, but I'm looking forward to main a grappler if they ever introduce one
    I consider myself pretty average/above average, I've played many fighting games in the past, mostly kof98 and garou:MOTW on ggpo a few years ago. Funny thing, this game reintroduced me to the genre

    any other argentinians/south americans around here that I've never heard of before? :arismile:
  3. OCisbestungulate

    OCisbestungulate Always watching you
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Well hello there! Always nice to see new faces.

    If you got the skills, Mane6 is looking for a pixel artist.
    Job Opening: 2D (Pixel) Artist
  4. HeartClock

    HeartClock Fear my magical pencil!

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    Thank you! Yes, I've seen the thread before, but I don't have enough skills. The Pixel Art they want is not really my style (mine is lineless and more 8-bit, it's the only style I know as for now). I'm not good with tilesets at all either, although I know a bit about it. My Pixel Art is very very limited in animation and effects as well.

    Besides, I'm not sure I would be able to work for a video game development team with my current job. The publishing company I work for is quite demanding (we upload the novels online so I have to translate many chapters every week).

    That said, I would have loved doing Pixel Art for a video game, but I'm just not ready for that yet, sadly.