Input Lag Bug


Feb 19, 2016
These forums seem dead, but I figured this is a better place to put this than the discord.

For at least a few weeks now, I've had a nasty, persistent, and completely random bug where online games respond late to my inputs.

The exact nature of the bug is this: when I hit any input, the game will respond to the input late, anywhere from a fraction of a second to about a quarter. How long the delay is is completely random between sessions of fights with someone; but within a session of fights, the random amount of delay is consistent throughout the matches until someone quits.

This happens independent of the ping between us, whether low or high; and happens with people I've fought before with no trouble. It can be happening when there are otherwise no stutters, frame drops, or other sorts of lag.

It used to only happen against Paprikas very rarely, and one game restart would fix it for the day. But about a week ago, it has suddenly started happening almost every game session against any character. Restarting the game numerous times doesn't get rid of it anymore. I've been testing and waiting a week to find some kind of pattern or reproduction steps; but as far as I can deduce, it comes and goes completely randomly.

I know it's network related because it has never happened in training mode.

• Location of Bug: The entirety of a set, if the bug is initially present.

• Description: A set duration of input lag is chosen randomly and persists continually until someone chooses not to rematch. Example: I start fighting Bubbleboots. Every move I do (movement, blocking, attacking, etc.) happens 15 frames after I perform the input. I get bodied because Bubbleboots, next round starts. All my inputs are still delayed by 15 frames. We rematch. Still delayed by 15 frames. After this game, I quit. I request to fight again. Throughout these games, all my inputs are delayed by 10 frames.

• Screenshot: Can't really get a screenshot of the game reacting to my inputs.

• Steps to reproduce: Couldn't deduce

• Reproduction rate: Random

I will happily provide more information if necessary; I just want to fix this, whether it's a bug or not.


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