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Feb 3, 2016
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I thought I'd create this thread since I know that there are probably a lot of backers like myself that backed both games.

To the developers, it's probably a bit too early in both games development cycles to say one way or another, but is there a possibility of there being an Indivisible cameo in Them's Fightin' Herds, or vice versa?

I know/believe there has been some collaboration between your teams, which is the reason why I ask. It wouldn't even have to be something obvious, but maybe something in the background, partially obscured, shown for just a split second, but that which the astute observer would pick up on.

One possible idea to pull this off is to use the alternate dimension where the predators are being kept for Them's Fightin' Herds, or Ajna's internal realm for Indivisible. Another idea would be to have a plushie character from one series show up somewhere in the other.

Would anyone else like to see this happen as well? If so, are there any other ideas that people have or would like to see for such a cameo?


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Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
It would be cool to see some NPC cameo's for sure in either game, though it is a bit difficult since the two games have very different types of worlds, and we don't know how strict they'll be with getting guest NPCs or other references to other games. Indivisible is already stretching it with the dinosaur character (and I still wish a TFH character could've been one of the playable incarnations :().

Lanshi would be the best bet for "could most easily fit in Foenum", but I'm not sure if Lanshi is distinctive enough yet that he'd be notable at all.


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Feb 3, 2016
i know for a fact there's probably going to be truck load of SG reference here and there.


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Feb 3, 2016
I think Oleander & Fred [Oleander & Fred might or might not get along with Razmi & Bom and/or a other Incarnations] , G.O.A.T &/or a playable predator [you could end up fighting the predator at the end of his/her story/quest in Indivisible?] would be a cool guest character in Indivisible &/or Skullgirls.
It would be intresting to see Lab Zero create a new character from the Skullgirls universe &/or Indivisible universe exclusively for TFH and was made as secrect guest character you can unlock by unlocking some hidden items that will help you find the hidden location in the visual lobby where this guest character and his/her minions are living. Maybe a secrect location in The Hold or an alternate universe would be a appropriate place for the this guest character and his/her minions to be placed.
The only way to get to this hidden character is by beating him/her and their special Skullgirls/Indivisible version of scouts/predators.
A special Steam achievement for beating this character and unlocking them could be made.
You could have an option where the player could request not fight the guest character in a 1 Vs 1 or 1 vs 2, 3 (depending on how many minions/scouts/predators they have with them.
Instead the guest character could challange you to some type of special mini game made from the secret location the guest character in. You battle the guest character & its in the minions mini game if you win you unlock the guest character as playable character in TFH with and some Steam achievements.
Then again you might have to beat the guest character in different matches [fighting and mini games] in different secret locations in the visual lobby?

This idea could work with any guest character from any franchise placed in TFH.

You could add some hidden secrets in TFH lthat are similar to Mortal Kombat and other games secrects with a TFH twist to them.

Can't wait to see what backers that donated to the tiers to create an NPC,monster,boss,secret room &/or Incarnation will look like in Indivisible.

Played the Indivisible demo again a few days ago and after allot of tries I finally got out of that danm pit and beat that cute/evil cat on my third attempt.

Here's some images of what some of the physical Indivisible items/rewards might look like.

Indivisible updates:


We could have Pig With Dagger In Snout as a hidden playable character in TFH?
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Feb 6, 2016
Yeah. It's...okay. Compared to the prototype, the amount of frame-counting fighting-game style mechanics has been dialed back, and the role it plays in battle is such that plebs like me can still play the game but someone from a fighting-game background will take to it more readily and probably be better at it faster. I'm kind of getting the hang of it.

The controls for traversing (wall jumping, etc.) have been greatly improved form the prototype. It feels like platforming through an empty world is not really platforming ("empty" because battles are pulled out into a separate activity and are not really part of the platforming), but I guess a side-view world to travel through when not in battle is no worse than a top-down word like in other RPGs. I just wave to remind myself that it isn't a platformer.

I backed that one mainly for the music, and the music in the new preview is everything I wanted. Cannot wait to hear more. Kikuta's secret of Mana soundtrack has been a big inspiration on my own compositional style (even though I'm not writing for games!) and I mainly backed Indivisible because I wanted to hear more stuff from him.

I was hoping to learn more about the characters' stories, but LabZero is deliberately keeping basically all of the actual story under wraps until release, apparently.

TFH was the first game I ever backed in crowdfunding, so I guess this kind of set my expectations for what being a backer is like. But the experience is very different with Indivisible. Do they even have an official forum? I've found several fan-mades ones, but I don't think there's an official one for Indivisible - not one that's keyed to your backer account like this TFH forum is, at least. I don't mean to criticize, it just surprised me. It makes me appreciate all the efforts Mane6 have made to help foster this game's community. I feel like I'm much less connected to Indivisible as a project. But hey, different studios can have different approaches. It's fine.

What did you all think of the Preview?
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I played the preview and after watching other people play I somehow missed like two extra characters. I guess I gotta explore more.

The demo was ok I guess. Never played an RPG like this before. I was pretty confused by the mechanics but I eventually kind of learned it on the second play through.

yeah that looked really fun! I still gotta play that and show my bro. I think he'll like it.

honestly when I first saw you start it up, I thought it was gonna be a Megaman Zero like game. but then the rpg elements popped up and yeah.. still waiting for another Zero game....

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yeah that looked really fun! I still gotta play that and show my bro. I think he'll like it.

honestly when I first saw you start it up, I thought it was gonna be a Megaman Zero like game. but then the rpg elements popped up and yeah.. still waiting for another Zero game....
Oh, were you that guy commenting when I was streaming the game?
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