I need help with Ari vs Tian


Feb 19, 2016
I just can't figure out this matchup. I don't want to get into whether or not things are balanced; but, maybe because of the way I'm playing, it certainly feels like it's not.

From a blocking position, all I can do is pushblock, pushblock, pushblock. If I don't, she can openly choose to crossup. When I pushblock, she comes back for the same blockstring at least 2-3 times, during which I can't figure out anything I can do to punish or alleviate her pressure.

When she's in the air, I only have a few moves that have any reliable chance of landing a hit. Headbuck B is ok if I predict where she will be and if she will attack, but if she blocks or I whiff, free punish. I can't really confirm off it, either.

Anti-air is great! ...theoretically. I've tried using it in many situations, but it's useless unless you predict her moves. The problem I have is that she doesn't approach from the air. She hovers above me, then does a move that's faster than I could possibly react to with anti-air. Not to mention if she's directly above me, I have to guess a side to even attempt an anti-air.

In another thread talking about the balance of the matchup, someone said to use j.B to put pressure on Tina in the air. I tried it, and it doesn't work so well for me. Most of the time if I whiff, I get punished. Any of her air moves easily and most of the time beat my move as well. I'd probably find more use of j.A if I didn't have to be basically on Tina to use, which doesn't happen as her moves send her at me at unreactable speeds.

And if I opt to block in the air, I find myself in the same situation as the second paragraph...

This is what I've found in my experience with the matchup. I'd just like to try any advice before I call it unbalanced.
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Crowdfund Backer
Feb 4, 2016
From what I've seen and experienced, Arizona's worst matchup by far is Tian. So you're not alone in your frustrations.
However, you can find a few people who can reliably stand against competent Tians. It's very much a "my turn/your turn" exchange, though, and relies heavily on the Tians dropping their combos or making mistakes.
My best advice is to look around, see how other Arizonas deal with them, take notes and try to incorporate certain strategies into your own playstyle. It won't always work, but sometimes you could do something unexpected.

That all said I'm rubbish against Tians too and stuck in the same pattern you are. I've done okay trying to out-aggression them and stay close enough for throws to connect, but I make too many mistakes and get punished for it repeatedly.
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Mar 14, 2018
Tian is actually one of my better Arizona matchups.

First of, when she gives you the ground make use of it. Sprinting under her before she's ready to attack can really mess up her approch.

But mainly, you need to learn Arizona's expansive reset game. Once you hit her she can't be allowed back up. Tian's reversal options are lackluster so it's pretty easy to melt her healthbar with a reset strong.
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