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How to fighting with Tianhuo?i only going Velvet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BlueFlowerDragon, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. BlueFlowerDragon

    BlueFlowerDragon New Member

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    I know my skill combo damage is poor about 700
    The beginning of each round is safe.
    Tianhuo's super jump and fly too high to my shatter B can't hit.
    When Tianhuo successfully jumped over my head to attack I didn't know to press that keyboard defense?
    I was fined when shatter C didn't hit it, but Velvet is high attacking only Shatter C
    And Velvet's any basic attack 2A is not low attack,Shatter A or Ice Eruption is low attack,so the flaw is very obvious.

    Tianhuo's attack methods vary.
    If you encounter professional Tianhuo how to fight?
  2. Arcanel

    Arcanel Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Well, after having fought Bubble's Velvet yesterday as a Tianhuo player myself who's been trying to focus more on neutral play (and having experience with Keet's/MPK's Velvet too), you basically have two main jobs as a Velvet player.

    A) Recognizing the Tianhuo's player attacking pattern to block it properly because otherwise you will probably get opened up at some point.
    B) Know how to properly move in the screen so that you'll be able to stay out of her range and only when you feel you have the upper hand you might try to make the Tian player start blocking themselves.

    It's a very patient trying matchup as a whole. Both for the Tianhuo player to be able to open up the Velvet player, and for the Velvet player to be able to block all of those advances. You have to pay close attention to both your and their magic bars so that you'll know when you can use your strongest tools, and when they can start applying way more pressure. Knowing what can a Tianhuo player do in the air, between superjump, flying and airdashing, as well as the ranges of both j.C and j.B from her will probably help you a lot.

    That's the best advice I could probably give you, and if you work on defense yourself, you'll probably be able to handle it much better, but it does take practice.
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    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  3. Kastor

    Kastor Active Member

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    I hear gust can be useful in this matchup. I don't actually know though.
  4. Frost Aura

    Frost Aura That guy that answers questions

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    Practice blocking. For the next few games, do nothing but block. Don't care if you lose or anything, just focus on blocking. Then practice pushblocking. Once you have that and can perform it consistently, practice Cross Canter. And finally, when you have a bit of space, 1D is your friend.
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  5. Frost Aura

    Frost Aura That guy that answers questions

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    Also rereading the first post,
    Shatter B isn't really your best antiair. For that, you wanna use 2D.
    Uhh... If you mean when she goes over you to crossup, you hold away. If she's attacking you right above? I'm fairly sure blocking the same way you were blocking before should work? 2D is once again, a great tool to use. You also want to be blocking high for any air attacks.