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Hippogriff OC Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Ebvert, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Ebvert

    Ebvert Mega-Absol Potential Molester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    As seen from this thread for making an OC, Griffin was the most voted option, even way before the thread I was already theory-crafting an OC fighter for the game, being a Griffin/Hippogriff, so I'm quite pleased that the most voted option is indeed a Griffin.

    "Why make a thread for this and not continue the old one?"
    Different topics.

    I already have most of the moves, gameplan, magic system and supers thought about, but in this post, I want to discuss the character itself of what would a Griffin/Hippogriff character be like in the TFH universe.

    So I present to you the first (public) pass (colorless) of how a Hippogriff would look like (to me):
    TFH - OCc.png

    She still has no name. /discuss

    I know she's not a Griffin, but that would make her a non-ungulate, at least as a hippogriff she's half ungulate right?

    I know she resembles a lot to Tian, but I've studied and analyzed all the characters, the background characters and the Lauren Faust's initial character designs footage to come up with what makes a TFH character that, a TFH character; and I think I am at least near it.

    This design is indeed way more detailed than the more simplified designs of TFH, but the overall shape and feeling of it shouldn't change that much if it becomes simplified.

    I did take in fact the way the animations and characters are done using flash animation.

    I've thought about the hair design way too much, and I still cannot decide on one.

    Feel completely free to discuss anything related to the character, name, color, attitude, character archetype, interactions, origins, race origins, explanations to attach her to the story (that I know we still don't have but yeah), even redesigning her, changing stuff you feel look off or pointing them out to me, I'm all up for criticism.

    Also, this is for fun, I do not intend for Mane6 to take this seriously or anything, or for anyone really, we're just having fun thinking about "what if" stuff. Although I would love a hippogriff character so much I would change mains in a heartbeat.

    And most importantly, Enjoy! Ebvert out.
  2. invertigo

    invertigo avid tf player
    Crowdfund Backer

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    She has fingers. Make her the grappler we always wanted.
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  3. _Vidz_

    _Vidz_ Pack Mule
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Such a beautiful design. :3
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  4. VendiMANS

    VendiMANS the city of Buenos Aires has burned to the ground!

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    IMO she doesn't look like Tian that much so you get extra points for originality
    I really like her mane

    no pun intended