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help with an oc idea (no name yet)


latest of the late
May 31, 2019
he’s a horse and I’m not really sure what country the horses are based off of, so yeah
now I would draw him, but I’m too lazy to at the moment and if I do feel like drawing him that will probably be in the next post I make since I hardly know anything about his fighting style and such
I can tell you about his appearance though I guess?
he’s white-gray with black mane, a red lightning bolt (that’s painted) going down the front of his face, and two small ones under his eyes
bleh that’s about it
oh yeah also he’s a meanie
still trying to figure that out too

Eliah Pickford

Well-Known Member
Apr 11, 2019
Well, the alpacas mostly wander in the highlands area. Figure the horses might wander the plains and such.


latest of the late
May 31, 2019
I got <placeholder name>’s basic attacks. It’s something to start off with, right? Also, it’s literally all I’ve figured out right now...not even his idle stance is figured out I’m just that blank of creativity rn
sorry if the drawings are bad, it’s super early in the morning

light attack: a hind leg kick
medium attack: a tail swat
heavy attack: a bump from his side
bleh these are far from his actual moves these are just the first ones I came up with, they may stick though