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Hamit's Mechanics and Character Overview

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Hamit, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Hamit

    Hamit Literal Sheep
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Hello, I recently created a guide which lists and gives a brief overview of the mechanics and characters of TFH. I don't usually use forums, but it seems like the best place for me to share this.

    If you are not familiar with "numpad" or "anime" notation, I recommend that you read Cam's Notation and Input Primer beforehand, as much of my guide uses it.

    Anywho, here's my guide thingy:
    Hamit’s Mechanics Guide Thingy
  2. qspec

    qspec Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Just wanted to say that this is a lot better than I was expecting. I'm glad to see things like dizzy, scaling, etc.
  3. ph00tbag

    ph00tbag Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    A couple things:
    There should be a section on chip mechanics.

    You didn't describe the helipupter's 3D.

    You should mention that Momma Dog and the Puppies are controlled through negative edge and Poppa is controlled through positive edge, to avoid confusion.

    Generally, though, really cool and informative article. I did not realize eating Pap's food gave her magic back.
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