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Halloween Forum Theme


Three Worn Words
Mane6 Developer
Feb 2, 2016
Happy (early) Halloween!

This year's Halloween theme has been enabled globally, and will remain the default theme from here 'till end of month.

For those of you that prefer one of the other themes (And I ain't judgin'), style selection will be returning tomorrow.

While I (and a couple other people in the team), have been using the theme for a couple of weeks now for bug and glitch testing, there's always the chance that tiny issues might slip in through the cracks of different OS/Browser combinations. If you see anything narfing out, please report it and I'll get it taken care of.

Also, boo.


Lens Flare Thinking Emoji Specialist
Banished to the Hold
Aug 5, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio
Ollie sure knows how to give a good spook:olliegrin::fred: I'm afraid to scroll too far down, she's got that look in her eyes again...