Halloween Event Begins - Version 2.1.6

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold

Halloween Event 2021
Thur Oct 21st - Tues Nov 2nd
  • All Pixel Lobby maps have updated appearances and ambience for spooky season!
  • New Halloween-themed accessories are available at Cap'n'Cash's on rotation during the event, including zombie masks for all characters!
    • The new items can also be awarded from chests in the Salt Mines (along with all other accessories), and will go in with the general catalog when the event is over.
  • Special infight zombie palettes are available for unlock on all characters!
    • Unlock condition: play an overworld chest match (win or lose) during the Halloween event to unlock the zombie palette for the character you played.
    • After the event is over, the ingame unlock condition will no longer be available; but the zombie set can still be acquired by purchasing a DLC package on Steam, similar to the shadow palette DLC (though it won't be available during the event!)

Pixel Lobby
  • There is now an AFK timer for the "fight slots" on Battle Shrines (spectators are not affected). Players inactive for 2 minutes will be automatically kicked off a shrine. (As always, you can clear your AFK flag with any input).
  • Salt Mines stage: updated the appearance of Oreo's backer character.
  • Revised text of the Salt Mines entrance portal (for first activation).
  • The flavor text for the "Fancy Monocle" accessory has been updated.

Training Mode
  • Added a setting under Save State Options to change the Training Utility function from "Reset Position" to "Round Restart", which allows players to practice roundstart situations.

Character Select
  • Fixed character portraits layering on top of each other when moving the cursor quickly.
  • Added a "Day Only" option for random stage select.
    • Note: This feature is functional, but will receive UX revisions in a future update.
    • How it works in this patch: "Random (Day Only)" is its own separate entry in stage select.
    • How it's going to work: "Day Only" and "All Stages" will be variations of a single "Random" entry (with "Day Only" being the default).

Story Mode
  • Revised dialogue in the Prologue.

  • Wallsticks no longer run out of hitstun during the impact and fall portions, allowing all types of attacks to connect properly, particularly grabs that can be used during combos.

  • All non-magic stomps now deal true damage (damage that is never scaled) on the first hit. Previously, this only applied to Stomp A. Due to this change, Stomps B and C do a slight bit more damage overall.
EDIT (10/27/21):
The following change was always present in this version but was previously undocumented (our mistake).

  • Metergain from Magic Eruption has been reduced to standard multihit rates. (Previously it was being treated as several individual attacks, giving significant amounts of meter on each use).

  • Paprika's edible gifts now have different shades based on her chosen palette. (Apples will always be a shade of red, Broccoli will always be a shade of green).
  • All other gifts have also received unique coloring based on palette, with larger variance.
  • Colors and lines for the bouquet in [4]6B have also been updated.

  • Teleports can no longer be affected by attacks/actions that lift her off the ground. (This was causing strange placements and dangerous floating alpacas).

  • Smoothed out a variety of animation bugs.

  • Fixed an issue causing certain combos involving j22D to not work for player 2.
  • Fred's inputs now have a buffer window.

  • Fixed Momma dog not being able to counter Arizona's Magic Stomp (and other unblockable attacks).
  • Throwing a CC'ing opponent no longer causes Pom's dogs to slow-mo forever.

  • Tianhuo has a new victory animation. (Known: her fire still freezes when she speaks. That's a more in-depth fix.)
  • Tianhuo's neck scales have been filled in (as originally intended, though they are still not perfect in every animation).
  • Improved the appearance of Tianhuo's mouth symbols (in the 3/4ths view).
  • Smoothed out a variety of animation bugs.

  • Shanty no longer becomes a cow during certain animations performed as a round ends.
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