Halloween Event Begins - Version 1.4.2 (10/20/20)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 1.4.2 (10/20/20)

Spooky season festivities have begun! All Pixel Lobbies have been spookified and we've got new hats to collect, so don your costume and join the celebration!

Cap'n'Cash will exclusively stock the new October 2020 accessory lineup until the event ends on Wednesday November 4th, after which the items will be added to the regular rotation.

In addition, from now until the event ends, overworld chests now yield TRIPLE the salt (900 up from 300) and the consolation amount for losers is increased to 66.6% (from 50%). We may consider making those numbers permanent if they're successful!

For those new to TFH, here's how to get your grabbers on these beautiful new bonnets:
  1. Join a Pixel Lobby server. Accessible from the main menu under "Online".
  2. Get salty. Earn salt by exploring the hidden Salt Mines or by fighting other players over salt chests that spawn in the overworld.
  3. Visit Cap'n'Cash's Caps for Cash. Cashmere and her lovely assistant Cap (or is it the other way around)? have a shop set up in the overworld and are ready to take your hard-earned salt in exchange for fabulous fashion!
Now get going while those new hats are front and center!

Finally, here are the rest of the changes/fixes going out alongside this update:

Training Mode
  • The "Input Arrow Direction" option in Training Mode (which allows players to set whether the display of directional arrows in combo trials account for character facing) has been reinstated in response to player feebdack. The option has a new name: "Direction Arrow Facing".
    • This option was removed in 1.4.0 in an attempt to standardize player experience, but compelling arguments were made in favor of bringing it back. Our b.
    • The "Adaptive" setting is now the default.
    • This option does not affect areas outside of Training Mode. Tutorials, etc are still locked to "Adaptive".
  • Fixed input leniency not applying to supers and reversal recordings in combo training.
  • Fixed "Force Counterhit" showing Counter! accolade on block.

  • Fred now has a taunt!
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